Dolphin Integration Rolls Out Schematic Link EDitor SLED 1.1

As a leading actor of the ever-changing design industry in Microelectronics, Dolphin Integration is focused on “Enabling Mixed Signal Systems-on-Chip.” They not only contribute the All-in-One Simulator SMASH, starring VHDL-AMS, but they also provide the crucial IP methods and Virtual Components for high-performance hierarchical design.

SLED enables hierarchical schematics entry of the third generation delivering the long-awaited dual capability for Graphic Entry and Scriptability at once.

Both framework independent and open to bridging with EDA tools, it maximizes interoperability at different levels of the design chains, by-passing end-of-life remnants with on-going enhancements.

This new generation of Intuitive Schematics Entry targets quantum leaps in designers’ productivity, made easier by user friendly features.

This release of SLED launches THE efficient solution for analog designers with hand-crafted logic thanks to:

  • Hierarchy management for multi level design configuration
  • Capability to import designs from legacy ECS entry solutions (including Synario, Cohesion HDS & Laker-AMS)

By combining SLED with All-in-One simulator SMASH, a tightly integrated solution grants the enhancement of any analog design flow and even extends it to multi-domain design, especially MEMS.

Already available under Linux, Solaris and Windows.

More information: Dolphin Integration