QuantaDyn Selects Quantum3D Independence IDX 4000 Image Generators

Quantum3D, Inc., a leading provider of Commercial off-the-Shelf (COTS) real-time visual computing solutions, announced that QuantaDyn has selected Quantum3D’s Independence IDX 4000 Image Generators (IG). QuantaDyn will leverage the IGs to update the U.S. Air Force’s KC-135 Boom Operator Weapons System Trainer (BOWST). By improving the BOWST’s image quality, Quantum3D’s Independence IDX 4000 will increase training effectiveness.

U.S. Air Force's KC-135 Boom Operator Weapons System Trainer (BOWST)The primary purpose of the KC-135 Stratotanker is aerial aircraft refueling for Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and allied nations. The KC-135′s boom operator and aircrew use motion, shadows and other visual cues to maintain flight safety during refueling. Within minutes of extending the boom arm and connecting to a receiver aircraft, the KC-135 quickly transfers the fuel. The Air Force’s Air Mobility Command allows a prospective boom operator to qualify by completing virtual missions in high-fidelity boom-operator training devices in lieu of onboard a KC-135.

When Randolph Air Force Base’s Trainer Development Branch needed upgrades for the BOWST, it awarded the KC-135 Visual Upgrade contract to QuantaDyn. The upgrades, which will be deployed to Altus Air Force Base, will use two Independence IDX 4000 IGs.

“The BOWST program really pushes the state of the art for image generators in model polygon count and real-time shadows,” said Bill Dunn, president of QuantaDyn. “The Independence 4000 delivers the performance we require to provide the visual acuity needed to fulfill the mission requirements of the BOWST trainer.”

Each Independence IDX 4000 IG provides advanced weather effects, a 3D ocean with reflections, real-time lighting and dynamic shadows. All these make the operators’ experiences more realistic and improve device fidelity for increased training effectiveness. The BOWST’s high-fidelity receiver models will also be supported by Quantum3D’s specialized imagery attributes, which are critical for refueling. These include Quantum3D’s industry-setting resolution standard of 8,192-pixel by 8,192-pixel shadow masks, the elimination of aliasing and more.

About Quantum3D
Quantum3D, Inc. is the leading developer and manufacturer of Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS), open-architecture real-time visual computing solutions for visual simulation. Quantum3D combines the most advanced hardware and software systems for graphics simulation in a variety of markets and implementations-tactical computing for avionics, vehicle and man-wearable applications; synthetic environments; graphics subsystems; and other COTS solutions. Quantum3D is a privately held company headquartered in San Jose, California, with development centers located in Phoenix, AZ, Huntsville, AL, and Orlando, FL.

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