Tunnel Monitoring System Deploys Ethernet Direct Industrial Switches

Ethernet Direct Corporation, a professional and primary provider of industrial networking and communication solutions, is pleased to announced that our Industrial Managed Ethernet switches are deployed in a North European Tunnel Monitoring project, cited as best product choice. The development of new technology for computers, image processing, communications, control, Ethernet, and system buses, has led to dramatic improvements compared to the old technology, making it possible to increase the reliability, communication speed, and flexibility of the monitoring and control systems used in tunnels.

The monitoring and control system is extremely reliable and can handle the high bandwidth of data associated with video surveillance systems, as well as use its redundant fiber ring configuration to support the control of ventilation, lighting, traffic control signals, and emergency telephones. With tunnel monitoring systems, tunnel controllers are now instantly alerted when an accident, fire, or other emergency occurs unexpectedly. This instant access to accurate data allows personnel to make the best decisions under both normal and emergency conditions.

Ethernet Direct offers HME-823 & HME-623 Industrial Managed Ethernet switches. State of the art technology with redundant fiber optic links can meet all processes required in a tunnel network system as it requires the highest safety requirements – especially the Redundancy mechanism. Cross link networking of a tunnel system with the operations center is realized by deploying Ethernet redundant rings. This kind of vertical integration allows controllers to have an efficient and speedy maintenance of the system to monitor safety. Very short reaction time but with very high transmission speed is necessary in the tunnel. The tunnel system implements automated monitoring of the entire fire event indication system by conducting real-time monitoring on each sub system via a tunnel network. The system transmits relevant traffic data and then seamlessly uploads it to the control system in order to integrate all the data and control the indication system in the central control rooms.

By deploying reliable Industrial Ethernet Managed switches from Ethernet Direct, an effective solution has provided high system availability and devices with fast redundancy behavior. A fiber optic network installed can guarantee the flow of information.

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