Sundance, Impulse Team on FPGA, TI DSP Modular CoDeveloper Platform

Sundance, the leading supplier and manufacturer of advanced digital signal processing (DSP) and reconfigurable FPGA systems announced a partnership with Impulse Accelerated Technologies Inc., creators of the CoDeveloper suite of C-to-FPGA design tools. The announcement builds upon recent joint development work between Impulse and 3L Ltd, creators of the Diamond DSP/ FPGA multiprocessor development systems and strategic Sundance partner. The news squares the circle for extreme co-processor acceleration using a tightly integrated software to heterogeneous system design flow.

Designers using the CoDeveloper tools now have access to more than 200 Sundance Xilinx FPGA/ TI DSP modular platform solutions. Sundance solutions are optimized for applications such as Software Defined Radio (SDR), MIMO, High Speed DAQ and very complex video and signal processing. The target processing elements include the highest performance Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGAs, hard and soft-core embedded microprocessors such as the PPC405GP, and the highest performance C6000 series DSP from Texas Instruments.

The Impulse CoDeveloper tools allow C-language applications to be quickly and efficiently retargeted to FPGA-based platforms. CoDeveloper is used for embedded systems, signal processing and high performance computing. Compatible with the 3L Diamond FPGA multiprocessing tools, the Impulse C-to-FPGA compiler generates hardware outputs that can be implemented into Sundance platforms, including the RASS – Reconfigurable, Accelerating, Scalable Super Computing solution that delivers low power, extreme parallel processing performance.

“The programming model is increasingly seen as the key to unlocking the true potential of multicore and multiprocessing architectures, and our partnership with Sundance opens new possibilities for designers targeting DSP/FPGA/microprocessor systems”, said David Pellerin, Founder and CTO of Impulse. “For the DSP and embedded systems designer in particular, we offer the lowest barrier-to-entry design solution for system partitioning and creating hardware modules and processor peripherals from software code.”

With the addition of CoDeveloper, the Sundance design ecosystem now boasts a formidable array of joined-up design solutions including Code Composer Studio from TI, 3Ls Diamond multiprocessor software development systems, RTW-EC and HDLCoder from The MathWorks[tm], the PARS design tool that automatically generate targets code from Simulink® models for distribution across multi-DSP/FPGA hardware, and comprehensive VHDL and Verilog support from EDA vendors including Synplicity.

“In the multiprocessing era the traditional divide between software and hardware is blurred and anachronistic”, said Flemming Christensen, managing director of Sundance Multiprocessor Technology Ltd. “Easy access to high performance DSP combined with leading edge FPGA and embedded microprocessor technology offers a compelling solution for the optimization of price, power, performance and flexibility, the issues that are the dominant preoccupation of today’s system designers.”

About Sundance
Sundance designs, develops, manufactures and markets internationally high performance signal processing and reconfigurable systems for original equipment manufacturers in the wireless and signal processing markets. Leveraging its multiprocessor expertise and experience, Sundance provides OEM with modular DSP and FPGA-based systems as well as data acquisition, I/O, communication and interconnectivity products that are essential to multiprocessor systems where scalability and performance are essential. With over fifty different modules and carriers for PCI, cPCI VME and Stand Alone platforms, Sundance is a solution provider to semiconductor, pharmaceutical and factory automation industries. Sundance, founded in 1989 by the current directors, is a member of the TI Third Party Program, Xilinx Alliance Partner and MathWorks’ Connection programs.

About Impulse
Impulse products allow developers of advanced embedded, DSP and image processing systems to rapidly move applications originating in ANSI C to FPGA coprocessors. The Impulse CoDeveloper tools are in use by software and hardware application developers worldwide, in domains that include image processing, DSP, secure communications and high performance, hardware-accelerated computing.