Silicon Labs Selects Target IP Designer Tool Suite

Target Compiler Technologies, the leader in ASIP design tools, announced that Silicon Laboratories (Nasdaq: SLAB), a leader in high-performance, analog-intensive, mixed-signal ICs, has adopted their IP Designer tool-suite. IP Designer is being used by Silicon Laboratories to design their next generation broadcast products. Mark Thompson, Silicon Labs’ General Manager for Broadcast Audio Products commented, “Target’s IP Designer offers a way to build SoCs that enables both design efficiency and flexibility. With IP Designer we can get new products to market more quickly and cost effectively.”

Gert Goossens, Target’s CEO, comments: “We are very happy to engage with Silicon Laboratories. Because of their history of doing processor design internally, we felt we could quickly show the value added by going with our production proven ASIP design tools. In many ways, it’s an ideal situation: Silicon Labs gets to control their own ASIP architectures, yet rely on our production proven SDK’s. We look forward to supporting their customers as they program these new broadcast products.”

Target’s IP Designer tool-suite is used by engineers to design, optimize and program application-specific processor cores (ASIPs). IP Designer is used all the way from architectural exploration through to implementation and verification. ASIPs are primarily used in one of two ways. First, they are used to provide greater algorithmic/computational efficiency (measured as performance/$/watt) than solutions built on standard embedded processors. Second, they are used to provide post-silicon flexibility (through programmability) to designs that might otherwise be built in hard-coded RTL. Both uses are becoming increasingly commonplace in today’s SoC and FPGA designs.

Silicon Laboratories marks one of several design wins announced today by Target.

About Silicon Laboratories
Silicon Laboratories is an industry leader in the innovation of high-performance, analog-intensive, mixed-signal ICs. Developed by a world-class engineering team with unsurpassed expertise in mixed-signal design, Silicon Labs’ diverse portfolio of highly-integrated, easy-to-use products offers customers significant advantages in performance, size and power consumption. These patented solutions serve a broad set of markets and applications including consumer, communications, computing, industrial and automotive. Headquartered in Austin, TX, Silicon Labs is a global enterprise with operations, sales and design activities worldwide. The company is committed to contributing to our customers’ success by recruiting the highest quality talent to create industry-changing innovations.

About Target Compiler Technologies
Target Compiler Technologies is the leading provider of retargetable software tools to accelerate the design, programming and verification of application-specific processor cores (ASIPs). Target’s IP Designer tool suite has been applied by customers worldwide for diverse application domains, including GSM, WCDMA and HSDPA handsets, VoIP, audio coding, automotive infotainment, ADSL and VDSL modems, wireless LAN, hearing instruments, mobile image processing, video processing, and various control and interfacing applications. Target is a spin-off of IMEC, is headquartered in Leuven, Belgium, with North American operations in Boulder, Colorado.