Micrologic to Launch NanoToolBox Tool Suite for Analysis, Correction

Micrologic Design Automation, Inc. will be exhibiting at DAC45 (Design Automation Conference; June 8-13, 2008), held in Anaheim, California. Micrologic will be introducing their NanoToolBox[tm] – an interactive productivity tool suite that provides a wide range of backend solutions for Reliability, DRC, LVS, Power and DFM.

NanoToolBox[tm] includes a set of interactive productivity tools that offer solutions to analyze and eliminate critical IC layout violations covering a wide array of design challenges. Each tool provides an advanced approach in order to easily analyze and correct critical impediments. With NanoToolBox[tm] the key advantage is the provision of behind-the-scene interactive solutions during the construction of an integrated circuit’s physical design. NanoToolBox[tm] is a significant productivity enhancement platform within the chip design cycle.

“We are pleased to offer our NanoToolBox[tm] during DAC to IC design houses. We have data analysis by clients showing the expediting design flow productivity using our tool suite to significantly accelerates the design cycle. We have a very exciting roadmap for these unique interactive productivity enhancing tools and will demonstrate their capabilities to our future clients at DAC.” stated Danny Rittman, CTO of Micrologic.

About Micrologic
Micrologic develops Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software for enhancing microchip design houses productivity with an interactive technology. Micrologic supports chip design firms to significantly shorten the design cycle time while improving nanometer design quality and reliability.

NanoToolBox[tm] is trademark of Micrologic Corporation.