Dongbu HiTek Creates First 0.18-micron BCDMOS Process

Dongbu HiTek launched the industry’s first BCDMOS (Bipolar/CMOS/DMOS) process at the 0.18-micron node, thereby setting the stage for fabless companies to reduce the size of typical 0.35-micron BCDMOS solutions by up to 40 to 60 percent, and in many cases eliminate the need for multiple chips. Initial disclosures of the company’s new BCDMOS process were made last month at the International Symposium on Power Semiconductors and ICs in Orlando, Florida.

This new process supports a wide range of high-voltages from 12V to 60V as it enables a diversity of highly compact chip solutions that provide power management, LED drivers, hard disk motor control and automotive electronics as well as audio amplifiers for mobile handsets and consumer electronics.

Development of the new process was led by Kwang-dong Yoo, an EVP at Dongbu HiTek, who stated, “Just as our stable 0.35-micron BCDMOS process has effectively supported fabless companies until now, we fully expect our far more compact 0.18-micron BCDMOS process to be equally stable and bring with it competitive advantages of higher levels of integration and lower manufacturing cost.” In addition to these major benefits for fabless customers, he noted that Dongbu HiTek expects to net more than 30 percent higher profitability from implementing BDCMOS chips at the 0.18-micron node instead of the 0.35-micron node.

The attractiveness of BCDMOS comes from integrating analog circuits (using Bipolar), logic circuits (using CMOS) and high-voltage circuits (using DMOS) all on the same chip. According to Mr. Yoo, “The ever increasing complexity of BCDMOS chip solutions has brought with it the need for higher levels of integration that typical 0.35-micron implementations can no longer accommodate. More specifically, increasingly complex 0.35-micron BCDMOS chips now require more logic functions, which fabless companies are now forced to implement with one or more additional CMOS chips at 0.18-micron and/or 130nm nodes.”

The new BCDMOS process launched by Dongbu HiTek underscores the Korean company’s strong leadership in developing special process technologies. By bringing the 0.18-micron BCDMOS process to market before the world’s two largest foundries (TSMC and UMC), Dongbu HiTek expects to sharpen its competitive edge in this specialized area.

About Dongbu HiTek
Headquartered in Seoul, Korea, Dongbu HiTek Co., Ltd. offers advanced products and services across three major business areas: Agriculture, Materials and Semiconductor. The Semiconductor Business provides specialized proprietary chips and modules as well as foundry services that add high value to display, mobile and various analog applications. The company’s two world-class fabs currently process 200mm wafers at nodes ranging from 0.35 microns to 110 nanometers. This wafer processing is supported by comprehensive design support (IP and design libraries), prototype development/verification, and packaging/module development. The Semiconductor Business specializes in developing best-in-class CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) and Display Driver IC (DDI) chips as well as chips that incorporate either High Voltage or Flash memory functions. Dongbu HiTek’s stock is publicly traded under 000990 on the Korea Stock Exchange.