GreenSocs Announces DAC Transaction-level Modeling Tutorial

GreenSocs[tm] Ltd, an open source company building SystemC[tm] infrastructure for the advancement and proliferation of SystemC, announced it will host a technical tutorial during the Design Automation Conference 2008 in Anaheim CA. The tutorial is titled, Writing Efficient TLM 2.0 Models with GreenSocs. At this year’s Design Automation Conference, the Open SystemC Initiative (OSCI) will announce details of its new SystemC transaction-level modeling (TLM) standard for model interoperability, TLM-2.0. GreenSocs provides an open source and feature rich infrastructure based on TLM-2.0 that reduces development cycle and ensures compatibility with a wide range of tools and IP vendors.

Topics include:

  • An Introduction to GreenSocs
  • Downloading and Setting up SystemC, TLM-2.0, and Green
  • TLM 2.0 and the GreenSocs environment
  • Configuring and Controlling your models (i.e. with Lua)
  • Analyzing and Extracting Information from your Models
  • Scripting and Testing your Models (i.e with Pyton)
  • Using Eclipse with SystemC (and the Eclipse VPP project)
  • Using your models in other environments
  • Model interface repository

Breakfast is included with this free event, but registration is required.

Hilton Anaheim – San Simean Ballroom
Monday June 9, 9:00 to 10:30 AM
Sponsored by: Circuit Sutra, CoFluent Design, ESLX, Virtutech

About GreenSocs
GreenSocs[tm] Ltd provides an open source SystemC infrastructure community that distributes valuable information to new and established users of SystemC, the standard design and verification language for electronic system-level design (ESL). The company extends the use and applicability of SystemC by coordinating and promoting collaboratively developed models, methods and utilities, prioritized by designers needs. The GreenSocs project includes intellectual property (IP) from STMicroelectronics, and contributions from universities and other organizations.

GreenSocs is a registered trademark of GreenSocs Ltd.