Tzero Technologies Adopts PowerTheater for Low-Power Design Flow

Sequence Design, the EDA leader in Design for Power (DFP) solutions, announced that Tzero Technologies, the leader in Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology and wireless video products, has adopted PowerTheater as a key component in its low-power design flow for high-performance, ultra wideband silicon.

“We have identified significant power savings using PowerTheater,” said Ravi Aripirala, Ph.D, Tzero’s Director of ASICs. “The completeness and accuracy of its analysis combined with easy to use visualization tools make PowerTheater a valuable part of our flow.”

“PowerTheater continues to offer market leaders in emerging technologies the ability to achieve consistent and significant power savings at RTL,” said Sequence President and CEO Vic Kulkarni. “These savings provide our customers with a distinct and measurable competitive advantage.”

PowerTheater-Explorer was a hit with the Tzero engineers as it quickly let them visualize hotspots and evaluate techniques for remedying them. Additional techniques employed by the team included power vector analysis, average and peak power calculation, power gating, and identifying power peaks in their designs.

Sequence will showcase its entire portfolio of DFP solutions, including the recently announced PowerArtist with automated RTL power reduction, at DAC in Anaheim June 8-13, Booth 2100.

About PowerTheater/PowerTheater-Explorer
PowerTheater is the industry’s first RTL power analysis and power prototyping solution with the singular ability to accurately analyze power at RTL and support power management techniques such as voltage islands, mixed voltage threshold, power gating, and clock gating. PowerTheater recently added support for the Si2 CPF standard along with the following new features:

  • Control all aspects of running PowerTheater through a single Tcl-based command file
  • Identify high-power windows utilizing comprehensive simulations from hardware accelerators
  • Compute full-chip, gate-level power efficiently using RTL simulations
  • Prevent voltage-drop related test and functional failures by automatically identifying critical vectors from multiple simulations

PowerTheater-Explorer is an innovative capability that adds state-of-the art power visualization and debug features for fast, interactive RTL power analysis. A new SmartSource Viewer allows designers to determine hot spots in the design, to visualize, debug and interactively analyze a design’s power consumption. The hierarchical RTL power tree display shows hot spots that can be cross-probed to schematics, showing connectivity and indicating how activity is moving through the design and how instances impact one another. These results can be displayed and analyzed at RTL, gate, or mixed levels of abstraction. SmartSource also provides a dedicated view of the clock tree for fast analysis and tracing of clock nets in the design.

About Tzero Technologies
Tzero Technologies is the leading fabless semiconductor provider of CMOS, high-performance ultra wideband chipsets. The company’s wireless high-definition video distribution solutions are designed into display and A/V component products from top tier OEMs around the world. Founded in 2003, Tzero is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.

About Sequence
Sequence Design’s Design For Power (DFP) solutions accelerate the ability of SoC designers to bring high-performance, power-aware ICs quickly to market. Sequence’s power and signal-integrity software give customers the competitive advantage necessary to excel in aggressive technology markets. Sequence is an active participant in industry organizations advancing low-power design technologies such as the Power Forward Initiative and holds a seat on the board of Si2.