Aptina Imaging Accelerates JPEG Performance with Scalado SpeedTags

Aptina Imaging, a division of Micron Technology, Inc. announced that it will integrate Scalado SpeedTags(TM) technology into future mobile 3 MP and above multi-megapixel SOC designs. Scalado’s technology will be included in Aptina’s SOC sensors and assists in managing the larger files produced by the high resolution image sensor improving overall JPEG image handling performance. SOCs using the new technology will be used in mobile devices, such as camera phones and PDAs.

“Our mobile multi-megapixel image sensor customers benefit directly from the integration of Scalado’s image handling technology in our SOC designs,” says Sandor Barna, Vice President of Marketing for Aptina. “Incorporating SpeedTags into Aptina’s mobile image sensor designs is an excellent example of how Aptina is designing-in key technologies to bring world-class image sensors to the market.”

Implementation of SpeedTags into Aptina hardware supports the use of Scalado’s CAPS(TM) imaging suite which is focused on providing enhanced functionality to cameraphones.

“The Scalado-Aptina collaboration enables camera phones to deliver improved capturing, instant access to captured multi-megapixel images, unique user experience and JPEG handling performance by applications using the CAPS imaging suite, and eliminates shutter lag-time improving captured images,” concluded, Fadi Abbas, VP Business Development at Scalado.

Accelerated multi-megapixel technology is driven by the end-user experience and the demand for high resolution, easy-to-use, problem-free cameras and cameraphones.

“Combining CAPS technology with Aptina’s multi-megapixel image sensors addresses the needs of end-users by improving the ability to handle and manage high resolution files” confirms Magnus Ingelsten, VP Marketing at Scalado.

Aptina designs its sensor solutions with the overall camera system in mind. “The imaging market is built on innovations that go beyond just a single component. By integrating features like Scalado’s SpeedTags, we meet our design goal of improving the overall camera system as a whole,” notes Venkat Puntambekar, Mobile Segment Director for Aptina.

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