Pachira IP to Represent Innurvation for Semiconductor Patent Licensing

Pachira IP, a leading technical intellectual property licensing firm, and Innurvation, Inc., a medical diagnostic device company, have reached an agreement granting Pachira the exclusive right to license the semiconductor patents owned by Innurvation. The combination of in-depth semiconductor knowledge and professional negotiators with years of experience licensing semiconductor patents uniquely positions Pachira to support Innurvation’s advanced semiconductor patents. The terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

“Like Innurvation, thousands of microelectronic and semiconductor companies’ patents are being used without permission,” said Steven Adam, Vice President of Business Development for Pachira. “This represents potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue.”

Innurvation owns some very valuable patented technology that is incorporated into many advanced integrated circuits. Concerned with possible infringements of its technology by the semiconductor industry users, the company turned to Pachira to find examples of use, and enforce its patent rights.

“Innurvation is confident that Pachira’s strategy of developing claim charts with clear evidence of the use of Innurvation’s patented technology will convince companies using this technology to purchase a license,” said Kevin Powell, Innurvation’s Chief Intellectual Property Officer.

Pachira is quickly becoming the preferred choice among companies intent on enforcing their semiconductor and electronics patent rights. Like Innurvation, companies rely on Pachira to find evidence, create a case and negotiate licenses or sell their patents to maximize IP revenue. Pachira works closely with each client to review their portfolio and identify valuable semiconductor and microelectronics patents, and those that claim the technologies being used to produce products. The firm then identifies and develops evidence and produces Claim Charts that clearly show the value the patented technology provides in commercially available products.

About Innurvation
Innurvation, Inc. is a medical device company at the vanguard of the convergence between technology and life sciences, developing products to address the growing needs of the millions of patients with diseases and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Through application of its patented technologies, it is dedicated to discovering non-invasive diagnostic systems for imaging of the gastrointestinal tract that will significantly improve the quality of patients’ lives.

About Pachira
Founded in 2007, but with deep roots in the semiconductor and microelectronics industries, Pachira IP is an authority on helping patent owners to extract financial value from their patents. By providing in-depth technical expertise and patent knowledge, Pachira is the only “one-stop-shop” for semiconductor and microelectronics patent owners looking to license or sell their patents. Pachira, whose experts have participated in hundreds of licensing programs over the last decade, serves customers around the world.