Timesys Optimizes Real Time Linux Kernel for Atmel Microprocessors

Timesys Corporation, a premier provider of embedded Linux software solutions, announced the availability of a Linux kernel, optimized for real time applications on Atmel Microprocessors. Available through a LinuxLink subscription, the optimized kernel is provided along with complete Linux reference distribution, integrated and tested for select Atmel reference platforms.

Real time Linux support is available for the full family of Atmel ARM9-based reference platforms, including the AT91SAM9260, AT91SAM9261, AT91SAM9263, AT91SAM9RL, AT91SAM9G20 and AT91CAP9.

With this LinuxLink, subscribers will get web-based access to a 2.6.24 Linux kernel with patches applied, configured and tested to support a variety of real time features, including full kernel preemption, schedulable interrupt handlers, high resolution timers, and mutexes with priority inheritance. When combined with a readily accessible toolchain, hundreds of glibc and uClibc packages, TimeStorm development tools, web-based support and a vast suite of documentation, embedded developers will have an ideal Linux environment to quickly assemble and test real time enhanced systems based on Atmel Microprocessors.

“The community has made great strides with respect to real time Linux performance,” said Greg Quiggle, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Timesys. “With a rich heritage in real time Linux, Timesys is excited to help project teams leverage this innovation to accelerate the development of embedded devices for a wide variety of industrial, medical, multimedia and networking applications.”

About Timesys
Timesys is the provider of LinuxLink, a web-based software subscription for both first-time and experienced embedded Linux developers. LinuxLink provides the embedded software, tools, documentation and support needed to quickly build and test a custom Linux platform for a given processor. LinuxLink enables embedded development teams to unleash the innovation of Linux without sacrificing the quality, service and support of a traditional commercial embedded operating system.