Liga Systems NitroSIM Accelerates Digital Logic Simulation by 10x

Liga Systems, Inc., innovative provider of lightning-fast RTL and gate-level hybrid simulation, announced availability of NitroSIM[tm] release 1.0. Since 2006, the company has been working successfully with half a dozen beta sites on applications including graphics processors, networking and broadband digital broadcasting in both single chip and multi-chip verification efforts. Powered by its revolutionary VLIW coprocessor optimized for digital logic simulation, NitroSIM v1.0 compiles gate-level netlists to accelerate digital logic simulation by 10 times, and provides full visibility, and 4-state accuracy. The patent-pending product provides customers with over 300 million gate simulation capacity in a single PCI card with a software simulator price tag.

Being easy-to-use, NitroSIM is enabling scalability of simulation to unequaled capacity levels in a low-cost solution while maintaining simulation use-models and debug methods. NitroSIM v1.0 accelerates software simulation by concurrent instruction execution on a general-purpose CPU and a grid of VLIW processors supported by an ultra-high bandwidth memory architecture. NitroSIM supports Verilog IEEE 1364-2001 in 4-state and 2-state simulation modes. Its simulator-like pricing makes it ideal for use by engineers and development teams functionally verifying integrated circuits. NitroSIM provides full debug visibility; generating VCD and FSDB waveform file formats. It is available for 32 and 64-bit computers running SUSE Linux Enterprise and Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating systems.

“While productizing NitroSIM, reaching correctness and performance for extremely large designs was a major undertaking and the VLIW technology is working extremely well for simulation acceleration,” stated Henry Verheyen, president and CEO of Liga Systems. “NitroSIM v1.0 is focused on functional gate-level simulation, providing 10x or greater acceleration. As a result, our beta sites have been delighted with our efforts and we are now poised to work with many more customers on some of today’s most highly complex designs. In addition, we are in the process of fine-tuning NitroSIM for RTL designs.”

Pricing and Availability
NitroSIM v1.0 is available initially in North America and the US list price is $50,000 which supports 300 million logic gates. Time-based-licensing (TBL) pricing is also available.

Demonstrations of NitroSIM[tm] in booth #300
Demonstrations of NitroSIM v1.0 will be provided in booth #300 at this year’s Design Automation Conference (DAC) in Anaheim, California June 9th through 12th. DAC attendees can learn how NitroSIM users have achieved simulation acceleration in industry applications and view performance benchmark data. Day-long simulation runs have been reduced to mere hours improving ASIC designer and verification engineering productivity. Early sign-up is advisable and requests for appointments in Liga’s demo suite can be booked in advance of the show by sending email to

About Liga Systems
Liga Systems, Inc., headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, is a privately-held EDA company focused on delivering lightning-fast RTL and gate-level simulation to the desktop. The company serves test, verification and IP markets with breakthrough hybrid simulation technology that turbocharges performance at a dramatically reduced cost. Liga Systems’s plug-in VLIW coprocessor leverages existing simulation infrastructure, tackles SoC designs of up to 300 million gates, and eliminates the need to implement designs in hardware accelerators.