TSMC Reference Flow 9 Includes GoldTime Statistical Timing Analysis

Extreme DA[tm] announced that TSMC Reference Flow 9.0 covers the GoldTime[tm] Statistical timing analyzer. Supporting 40nm process technology, Reference Flow 9.0 is the latest generation of TSMC’s design methodology to increase yields, lower risks, and reduce design margins. At advanced process nodes, statistical analysis software is required to analyze global and local variations, which affect integrated circuit (IC) performance. With improved analysis, design teams can design ICs with higher performance and improved robustness while reducing development efforts. Visit Extreme DA in booth 1364 at the Design Automation Conference in Anaheim, Calif., June 9 – 12.

Driven by the ongoing TSMC Active Accuracy Assurance (AAA) Initiative, the GoldTime timing analyzer has qualified with TSMC’s standard cell library at the 40nm advanced process node. The GoldTime analyzer accurately determines the impact of local random variation as well as global systematic variation on the timing performance of a design. TSMC used GoldTime to analyze timing variations for reference designs. They determined good correlation to their reference SPICE simulations for the mean path delay and the corresponding standard deviation.

Mustafa Celik, CEO of Extreme DA, said, “We are pleased to be covered in TSMC’s Reference Flow 9.0. Our co-operation gives confidence to design teams worldwide that statistical variations can be analyzed and controlled before manufacturing, so that yields are increased, risk is lowered, and design margins reduced. GoldTime is the technology leader in timing analysis and delivers the best combination of speed, accuracy and capacity.”

“At the 40nm process node, global and local parametric variations have a significant effect on chip performance. Statistical timing analysis enhances timing accuracy and reduces excess design margins, thus improving design performance and yield,” said Tom Quan, deputy director of design methodology and service marketing at TSMC. “Extreme GoldTime timing analysis provides the accuracy and speed necessary for design teams to reach closure on chip performance.”

About Extreme DA GoldTime
GoldTime[tm] provides timing analysis for performance sign-off of integrated circuit (IC) designs manufactured in advanced nanometer (nm) processes. With its unique, patent-pending ThreadWave[tm] technology, GoldTime delivers 5X better speed and capacity over popular solutions in use today. GoldTime works with both nominal and statistical model libraries and supports corner-based and statistical design flows.

About Extreme DA
Headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., venture-funded Extreme DA develops and licenses software products for the timing sign-off nanometer integrated circuits. The company’s investors include Foundation Capital, IT-Farm Corporation, and Lanza techVentures. For the latest news and information on Extreme DA, write to info@extreme-da.com.

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