Ubicom Introduces StreamEngine 7000 Processors for Digital Home

Ubicom®, Inc., a leading provider of communications processor and software solutions, has introduced a new family of StreamEngine® processors for home networking and connected media devices. The StreamEngine 7000[tm] family is software-compatible with the popular StreamEngine 5000[tm] family and delivers higher performance with lower power in a smaller package and a reduced bill of materials.

The UBICOM32[tm] multithreaded architecture has been enhanced and extended to increase the amount of work done per clock cycle by 20 percent and push the maximum clock frequency above 500MHz. When compared with a traditional single-threaded RISC processor, designers can expect two to three times the performance at the same frequency for most applications. The number of hardware threads has increased from 10 to 12, allowing more work to be done in parallel and enabling support for a wider range of interface options via Ubicom’s software I/O technology. Further DSP instruction set additions and enhancements make audio and video applications less processor-intensive. Two gigabit interfaces are now supported for the most demanding networking applications.

Supported by Ubicom’s software development kit (SDK), designers can immediately take advantage of the library of reference applications already developed for 802.11n home networking and connected media endpoints to complete high-quality products with a minimum of engineering investment. An open industry standards-based Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) now allows developers to rapidly deploy existing and off-the-shelf applications while taking advantage of Ubicom’s multithreaded system.

“The StreamEngine 7000 family of processors extends Ubicom’s innovative architecture,” said Joseph Byrne, senior analyst at The Linley Group. “The StreamEngine processors can deliver much higher performance per clock than standard RISC processors because of Ubicom’s optimized hardware and software architecture. The company eases system design by providing complete reference designs and standards-based software APIs.”

“The demand for high-performance embedded processing continues to grow as 802.11n networking increases in popularity and network-connected media endpoints become more prevalent,” said Keith Morris, vice president of marketing at Ubicom. “The StreamEngine 7000 family of processors allows us to address the needs of our customers and the rapidly changing digital home market.”

TheStreamEngine 7000 family of processors is sampling now, with volume production in Q4 2008.

About Ubicom, Inc.
Ubicom develops communications and media processor and software platforms that address the unique demands of real-time interactive applications and multimedia content delivery in the digital home. The company provides optimized system-level solutions to OEMs for a wide range of products including wireless routers, access points, bridges, VoIP gateways, connected digital photo frames, streaming media devices, and other network devices. Ubicom’s unique multithreaded processor design, real-time operating system, and application-level solutions combine to ensure a high-quality user experience with unprecedented ease of use. Ubicom is a venture-backed, privately held company with corporate headquarters in Sunnyvale, California.

Ubicom, StreamEngine, StreamEngine 7000, StreamEngine 5000, and UBICOM32 are trademarks of Ubicom, Inc.