MCCI Achieves Simultaneous Wireless USB Embedded Device Class Support

MCCI, a leading developer of Universal Serial Bus (USB) software technology, announced advanced support for complex, multi-function devices over Wireless USB for major consumer electronics markets. This breakthrough brings the full richness of wired USB functionality to wireless support for mobile handsets, digital photography, navigation devices and media players. MCCI has demonstrated simultaneous embedded device class support for Mass Storage, Modem, OBEX, PictBridge, Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) and ENCM Ethernet over a Certified Wireless USB (CWUSB) connection.

This high-speed personal interconnect software extends the company’s complete USB solution portfolio, leveraging the widely deployed, high performance MCCI USB DataPump® to deliver high speed wireless data transfer over the WiMedia Common Radio Platform. “MCCI is taking the risk out of early Certified Wireless USB product deployment for OEMs through a robust architecture, an extensive set of in-house developed test tools, and proven embedded product experience,” said MCCI CEO Terry Moore.

“There is great potential for wireless USB software technology, such as MCCI’s Wireless USB solution, to provide more fluidity and connectedness in all types of devices,” said Ira Brodsky, an industry analyst for nearly 20 years and now author of books about the history and future of technology. “This technology enables a better consumer experience by delivering new dimensions of convenience to end users. I believe wireless USB solutions will help launch a new range of devices and applications in the near future.”

In addition to new product designs, the MCCI WUSB solution allows OEMs to migrate their wired USB products to wireless. Multimedia products can maintain or add advanced capabilities. Wireless high-speed synchronization of media files with Windows Media Player and wireless photo printing from a camera or mobile phone bring new dimensions of convenience to end users, and will make these popular products even more appealing.

About MCCI
MCCI is a leading developer of USB drivers and firmware for the high volume handset and mobile device markets. The company provides firmware and system software, including the PictBridge and MTP middleware solutions for OEM manufacturers of handsets, PDAs, and other computer devices. Hundreds of millions of cell phones have been delivered with MCCI technology. MCCI experts are actively involved in worldwide technical standard activities, chairing the USB-IF Device Working Group and the Communication Device Class Committee, as well as participating in MCPC and the WiMedia Alliance. A privately held corporation, MCCI has its headquarters in Ithaca, USA and offices in Austin, USA, Seoul, Tokyo, and Taipei.

MCCI is a registered trademark of MCCI Corporation.