VMETRO to Ship Additional Central Electronics Chassis to Northrop

VMETRO, a leader in embedded computing solutions based on standards such as VXS and XMC that utilize multi-gigabit serial interconnects, announced it was awarded a second low-rate initial production contract by Northrop Grumman Corporation for components for its Airborne Laser Mine Detection System (ALMDS). Under the terms of the contract, VMETRO will provide an additional three Central Electronics Chassis (CEC) to the ALMDS program. The CEC is a liquid-cooled air transportable rack (ATR) system with VMETRO CSW1 6U VXS (VITA 41) switch cards and VPF1 quad processor payload cards. The CSW1 and VPF1 process image sensor data using real-time multiprocessing over high-speed serial communications. Delivery of the systems will begin during the second half of 2008. The order is valued at approximately $900,000USD.

“The ALMDS CEC developed by VMETRO, with its combination of FPGA and PowerPC processing capabilities, is one of the enablers for Northrop Grumman to provide this critical mine detection capability to our customer,” says Deon Harkey, Northrop Grumman ALMDS program manager. “ALMDS protects the fleet while taking the sailor out of the minefield.”

ALMDS is a vital program that is integral to the transformation of the U.S. military. The system is deployed on helicopters to allow the U.S. Navy to detect sea mines at or near the water’s surface. Using an airborne light detection and ranging blue-green laser, the ALMDS system covers a large area of the ocean, detecting, localizing and classifying mines. This system allows the military to expedite mine hunting and reconnaissance. More than fifty helicopter platforms are expected to be outfitted with the ALMDS system.

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