Power.org to Debut New Tools at Power Architecture Conferences

Power.org, the open organization that develops and promotes Power Architecture[tm] technology, announced it will demonstrate three important new tools at its Power Architecture Conferences in Munich, Germany, on May 26-27 and in Paris, France, on May 29-30. The Power.org[tm] Solutions Portal, the Power Architecture Early Tools Development Matrix, and the Power.org Target Debug Capabilities Specification, developed through the collaborative efforts of the Power.org community, will help speed the creation of high-performance, next-generation electronic products.

“Power.org continues to drive improvements in the Power Architecture technology platform by facilitating collaboration among our corporate members and the development community in a wide range of markets,” said Power.org Marketing Committee Chair Fawzi Behmann. “Through the release of new tools and ongoing community education, Power.org enables the development of standard methods and tools that accelerate innovation and cut development time and costs.”

Power.org Solutions Portal
The Power.org Solutions Portal inventories and categorizes the hundreds of Power Architecture product and service offerings that are readily available from the ecosystem of companies invested in the technology platform. Systems architects, systems designers, hardware and software developers, chip designers and integrators can rely on the Power.org Solutions Portal as their primary resource to locate the tools, software, hardware and services needed to speed their time to market. In addition, the portal provides vendors with a central location to showcase their products and services and a resource for identifying potential business partners. The Power.org Solutions Portal is available now for Power Architecture ecosystem members to input their product data at www.power.org/solutions.

Power Architecture Embedded Development Resources
The Power Architecture Early Tools Development Matrix is a comprehensive listing of pre-silicon and systems development tools available for the Power Architecture platform. The new matrix demonstrates the breadth and depth of development tools that are readily available for Power Architecture cores and SoCs.

“The Power Architecture technology platform offers a profusion of best-of-breed tools that facilitate virtual, ‘pre-hardware’ development,” said Nina Wilner, the Power.org software architect who led the compilation of the matrix. “Using the Power Architecture Early Tools Development Matrix, design engineers can develop hardware and software simultaneously and dramatically reduce time-to-market.”

Power.org Target Debug Capabilities Specification
The new Power.org Target Debug Capabilities Specification defines a common set of debugging requirements for Power Architecture-based products. An extension of the Power Instruction Set Architecture, this new specification includes required and recommended debug features, functions and environments needed for single-core and multicore Power Architecture designs.

“Until now, Power Architecture implementations lacked a uniform debug interface, environment and methodology, requiring tool vendors to develop multiple software and hardware configurations for different Power processors, SoCs and cores,” said Chris Ng, chairperson for Power.org’s Common Debug Interface Technical Subcommittee. “A common set of debug environments will ensure tool interoperability and reduce development costs.”

“These new tools exemplify the value of collaborative innovation by Power.org members,” said Dr. Syed Ijlal Shah, co-chair for Power.org’s Technical Committee. “Both the Early Tools Development Matrix and the Target Debug Capabilities Specification will ease design and accelerate the adoption of Power Architecture technology.”

The Power.org Target Debug Capabilities Specification is available now at www.power.org/resources/downloads/

Power Architecture Conferences
Sponsored by AMCC, Cadence Design Systems, e2v, Freescale Semiconductor, IBM, Kontron Modular Computers, Lauterbach, Synopsys, TQ-Components, Virtutech, and VaST Systems, the conference will give engineering managers, system architects and product developers access to the latest Power Architecture product roadmaps and to practical training on the Power Architecture processing platform and new products. Attendance is free but advance registration is required because seating is limited. Dates of these events are firm and details about each conference are available at www.power.org/events/powercon. In addition, Power.org will host Power Architecture Conferences in China, Japan and Taiwan in October.

About Power.org
Power Architecture technology is behind millions of innovative products, including the world’s fastest supercomputers, leading video game consoles, and electronic systems in most of today’s car models. Every phone call, email and Web page touches Power Architecture systems. The Power.org community, formed in 2005, is the open organization driving collaborative innovation around Power Architecture technology. Power.org’s mission is to optimize interoperability, accelerate innovation and drive increased adoption of this leading processor architecture.

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