Willcom Selects Wavesat Odyssey 8500 4G Chipset for XG-PHS Broadband

Willcom and Wavesat announced a special arrangement to cooperate on XG-PHS technology with the goal to accelerate the development, adoption and deployment of XG-PHS based Broadband Wireless solutions in Japan. The collaboration between the two companies will leverage Wavesat’s revolutionary multimode Odyssey 8500 4G chipset, providing access to multiple broadband wireless technologies including XG-PHS, WiMAX Wave2, WiFi and seamless migration to LTE.

Wavesat will work closely with Willcom and selected solution partners to adapt the Odyssey 8500 to support the XG-PHS standard and Willcom’s advanced requirements for the Japanese marketplace. The joint development effort will enable Willcom to deploy the ground breaking XG-PHS network on schedule, offering high performance including 256 QAM operations.

XG-PHS is an OFDMA standard providing advanced network services and enhanced data speeds. It will be initially deployed in Japan by Willcom.

“We decided to work with Wavesat to develop XG-PHS chipset and solutions because of their unique multimode architecture,” said Yoshioki Chika, Executive Vice President, Willcom Inc. “This strategic partnership highlights Willcom’s commitment to providing the most innovative and world-class broadband wireless technology, and we look forward to a long term relationship with Wavesat.”

“We are honored to collaborate with Willcom towards accelerating XG-PHS deployment in Japan,” added Raj Singh, Wavesat’s President and CEO. “We are excited to bring to market solutions that offer multimode capabilities which can easily be adapted to support today’s Broadband Wireless technologies, and offer a seamless migration path to future 4G standards.”

“Wavesat’s ability to support multiple OFDMA protocols is very promising. The XG-PHS standard being implemented by Willcom is an innovative example in one of the most sophisticated telecommunications marketplaces in the world,” said Adlane Fellah, CEO and founder of Maravedis Inc., a leading wireless broadband analyst firm. “This design win further validates Wavesat’s multimode strategy and should contribute to position them for leadership in the 4G semiconductor market.”

The Odyssey 8500 chipset from Wavesat is powered by a unique 4G multi-core architecture incorporating multiple ultra low power DSPs, offering flexibility, high performance and low power consumption, without any tradeoff. The SOC manufactured using advanced Embedded DRAM technology requires no external memory, thus saving customers valuable real estate, cost and power consumption for very small form-factor portable and mobile applications such as wireless USB dongle, mobile handsets and other consumer electronic devices.

About Willcom
WILLCOM, Inc. is a leading mobile data telecommunications company, providing PHS services in Japan. In addition to data telecommunications, WILLCOM introduced the “WILLCOM Flat-Rate Plan” in May 2005, the industry’s first fixed-rate voice communication service. WILLCOM has also introduced a series of other new services to the market, and currently has more than 4.60 million cumulative subscribers (as of April 2008).

About Wavesat
Wavesat is a global leader in mobile broadband, providing advanced semiconductor solutions to the world’s leading carrier and mobile device manufacturers to deploy future-proof broadband services and products. With award winning technology, Wavesat delivers silicon that enables customers to deploy multiple Broadband Wireless technologies such as WiMAX Wave2, WiFi, and XG-PHS today and to migrate seamlessly to future 4G technologies such as LTE. Wavesat is a principal member of the WiMAX Forum®.

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