e-Shuttle Offers Electron-Beam Direct Write Technology for 65nm ICs

e-Shuttle, Inc., the company established by Fujitsu Microelectronics Limited and Advantest Corporation to provide prototyping services for leading-edge, large-scale ICs, is now delivering 65nm CMOS logic ICs manufactured using Electron-Beam Direct Write (EBDW) technology, the first full-scale application of EBDW techniques for complex logic ICs.

e-Shuttle also is successfully applying EBDW technology for devices using 90nm process technology, manufacturing structured ASICs for a fabless semiconductor company in the U.S. Producing single-layer via interconnect patterns using EBDW provides a short delivery cycle with mask-less production. EB lithography has proven capable of producing yields comparable to optical lithography.

In addition, e-Shuttle will expand its capacity for electron beam products with the rollout of a second EB lithography station set for middle of next month. The initial lithography station, for full-scale production using 300mm wafers, went into service in November 2007. Implementation of the second station will increase production capacity and help e-Shuttle develop the technology for the next generation of ICs.

The 300mm wafer shuttle service — in which wafer delivery combines the orders of multiple customers — dramatically reduces costs. Via layers are formed using electron beam direct write technique, reducing the significant costs involved in forming via layers for ultra-fine interconnects using masks. The EBDW technology has achieved excellent results without compromising yield, demonstrating that EB lithography and ArF lithography can coexist in the fabrication process.

Developing Domestic and International Partners for IC Prototyping e-Shuttle is now working with design house partners, including leading mask manufacturers Dai-Nippon Printing, Toppan Printing, and Hoya, to support customers that require IC prototyping. Tokyo Electron Devices also is acting as e-Shuttle’s support partner in the prototyping service.

“The alliances between mask-less proponent e-Shuttle and mask makers are symbolic of the direction the industry is taking,” said Dr. Haruo Tsuchikawa, president of e-Shuttle. “These partnerships in Japan represent the company’s first round of alliances; e-Shuttle will also pursue partnerships with international prototyping companies. We are now negotiating with prototyping companies in the U.S., Europe and China.” He added that e-Shuttle is now working on EBDW for 40-nanometer process technology and expects to offer this capability by the end of fiscal 2008.

Presentation at Annual EIPBN Conference in Portland May 27-30
Shinji Sugatani, general manager of e-Shuttle, will present an update on the direct write electron beam methodology and its application during the 52nd International Conference on Electron, Ion and Photon Beam Technology and Nanofabrication (EIPBN) in Portland May 27-30. His presentation is entitled “Application and Technology of EBDW (Electron Beam Direct Writing): the Impact on its Business Circumstances.”

About e-Shuttle
Headquartered in Kawasaki, Japan, e-Shuttle, Inc., was founded by Fujitsu Microelectronics Limited and Advantest Corporation on November 1, 2006, to develop EBDW technologies for 90-, 65- and 45-nanometer process technologies, and to establish and offer semiconductor prototyping services, SiExpress(TM).