IPextreme Licenses ColdFire Architecture to IP Square

IPextreme®, Inc., the company bringing famous IP (intellectual property) to system-on-chip designers worldwide, and IP Square, a company specializing in internet protocol and security, announced that IP Square has licensed the ColdFire® Architecture for use across their product line. Needing to upgrade from their current 8-bit microprocessor core to a more powerful 32-bit solution, IP Square performed extensive research on available commercial offerings and ultimately chose the V1 ColdFire as the ideal replacement. Requirements included higher performance, low power, low cost entry point, future roadmap, and a rich and complete software tool ecosystem. The V1 ColdFire offered all of these features and provided 100 times performance over their current 8-bit microprocessor.

Key in their decision to acquire ColdFire through IPextreme was that ColdFire is a silicon-proven synthesizable core from Freescale, a leading provider of 32-bit embedded controllers and one of the largest semiconductor companies in the world. The V1 Coldfire available through IPextreme’s Core Store[tm] gives IP Square the benefits of a powerful architecture at an attractive price normally found only in 8-bit cores.

“When we heard that the famous ColdFire architecture was available for purchase through IPextreme’s Core Store, it made our decision that much easier,” said Hiroshi Satoh, Chief Technical Officer of IP Square. “In our quest to move from an 8-bit to a 32-bit architecture, Freescale’s V1 ColdFire stood out for us for several reasons besides price. Freescale’s commitment to the ColdFire architecture and IPextreme’s demonstrated technical expertise convinced us we would receive world class support.”

“ColdFire is an ideal processor for the Japanese market. It has been proven in silicon many times over so the quality is unquestionable,” said Kazuhiro Ogawa, President of Japanese Operations at IPextreme. “While previously out of reach for some customers through traditional licensing models, the Core Store offers ColdFire to almost anyone who wants it.”

IP Square took advantage of IPextreme’s Core Store, which made their IP purchase a hassle-free experience. The Core Store features IP titles available at published prices and can be visited at: www.ip-extreme.com/corestore.

About IP Square
IP Square® is a Japanese fabless semiconductor company that provides hardware IP cores for TCP/IP, IPSec and IPv6 suitable for Offload Engine Solution for System on Chip and systems designers. IP Square also sells its own Application Specific Semiconductor Products (ASSP) which uses these cores. IP Square has been developing advanced hardware IP cores and system solutions for years and contributes to ubiquitous computing through internet communications with non-computer devices. The company name comes from “intellectual property” (IP) over “internet protocol” (IP), or IP2 = IP Square.

About IPextreme Inc.
IPextreme licenses famous semiconductor IP (intellectual property) and methodologies developed by large semiconductor companies to chip designers worldwide. These production-proven IP products serve both broad horizontal markets and specific verticals such as consumer and automotive, and are provided in a process-independent and EDA-neutral format for easy use by the widest range of customers. With a decade of experience in developing, packaging, licensing and supporting IP, IPextreme offers a complete business solution that allows semiconductor companies to strategically leverage their internal IP portfolio and expand overall revenue. The company has offices in Campbell, California; Munich, Germany; and Tokyo, Japan with representatives in China, India, Israel, Korea and Taiwan.

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