Spatial Introduces EDA 3D Analysis Suite

Spatial Corp., a market-leading provider of 3D components for technical applications, announced the availability of the EDA 3D Analysis Suite which enables rapid development of 3D analysis and visualization features within current EDA physical design flows. The software component suite provides unique productivity and time-to-market (TTM) advances to tool developers with an integrated set of modeling, visualization and meshing utilities accessible through a unified API, streamlining development while eliminating much of the need to understand 3D geometry modeling.

“Spatial has been providing 3D geometry components and services to EDA industry leaders like Agilent, Ansoft, CST, Synopsys and Zuken for many years. More recently, wireless devices, advanced packaging and manufacturing variability are accelerating the need for automated 3D analysis and visualization. The EDA 3D Analysis Suite provides a ready-made solution that enables tool suppliers to rapidly address their customers’ requirements and bring industry-leading solutions to the market more rapidly,” stated Keith Mountain, Spatial’s CEO. “Spatial provides the 3D expertise, allowing EDA vendors and their developers to remain focused on their core competencies.”

EDA applications benefiting from 3D analysis include high frequency board and package signal integrity, embedded memory and passive component characterization, lithographic and CMP analysis, parasitic extraction, thermal and mechanical stress, and process modeling. Prior to the availability of the EDA 3D Analysis Suite, most commercial and internal EDA tool developers were faced with integrating their proprietary solvers into EDA applications with a combination of university and open source software, point tools and internally developed utilities — while having limited staff with expertise in 3D geometry modeling.

Spatial’s EDA 3D Analysis Suite bridges the gap between 2D EDA physical databases and the input requirements of 3D solvers. The integrated software package is linked into EDA applications through a unified API that supports:

  • 2.5D and 3D solid model creation and simplification
  • Surface and solid meshing routines with robust meshing controls
  • Platform-independent, high performance 3D display management

The suite is based on customer-proven software that was tailored and integrated for the unique requirements of EDA applications. Developers benefit from the maturity and robustness of the core software which is in use by more than 325 engineering software providers worldwide.

Physware, a high-performance physics-based EDA design tool vendor, uses the EDA 3D Analysis Suite. According to Dr. Dipanjan Gope, Physware’s Director of R&D, “Physware’s technology provides high-speed, high-accuracy full-wave electromagnetic field solutions for SI, PI, and EMI issues in packages, boards, and systems-in-package. Spatial’s EDA 3D Analysis Suite provides adaptive and controllable meshing, a valuable component to our overall solution. We are excited that partnering with Spatial accelerates our time to market.”

The EDA 3D Analysis Suite is supported on 32- and 64-bit Linux, Solaris and Windows platforms. The company is demonstrating the EDA 3D Analysis Suite at the 45th annual Design Automation Conference in Anaheim, California, June 8-13, suite #421.

About Spatial
Spatial Corp. is a market-leading provider of 3D components for technical applications across a broad range of industries. Spatial’s 3D modeling, visualization, and interoperability technologies and professional services help application developers deliver market-leading capabilities, maintain focus on core competencies, and reduce time-to-market. Spatial 3D components have been adopted by some of the world’s most recognized software developers, manufacturers, research institutes, and universities. Headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, Spatial has offices in the USA, Germany, France, Japan, China and the United Kingdom. For more information, please contact Spatial by email at or by phone at 303-544-2900.

About Physware
Physware develops high-speed, high-accuracy, full-wave electromagnetic field solutions for signal integrity, power integrity, and EMI issues in packages, boards, and systems-in-package. The company’s patent-pending, physics-aware technology tightly couples analysis and design methods to the underlying Maxwell’s and circuit equations, enabling robustness and efficiency at every step of the design cycle and significantly reducing time to market. Physware’s accelerated technology delivers unprecedented capacity, significantly faster speed than current methodologies, linear scaling on multi-core and hybrid-memory platforms, and the ability to span the entire design cycle while maintaining concurrent, uncompromising Maxwell accuracy. Physware is a venture-backed, privately held company led by an experienced management and advisory team.