Mentor Graphics Precision Synthesis Supports Altera Stratix IV FPGAs

Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ: MENT) announced that its Precision® Synthesis family of products and its leading ANSI C++ high-level synthesis product, Catapult® C Synthesis, support Altera Corporation’s 40 nanometer (nm) Stratix® IV field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). The Stratix IV FPGAs meet the diverse needs of high-end applications in a large number of markets. Customers leveraging the Precision Synthesis technology in their Stratix IV FPGA designs will achieve fast timing closure and increased performance improvements, while lowering overall FPGA design development costs.

“Our relationship with Mentor Graphics ensures their synthesis solutions offer timely support for our latest devices,” said Danny Biran, senior vice president of product and corporate marketing at Altera. “Precision Synthesis delivers advanced synthesis capabilities that enable designers to fully maximize the performance, functionality and density advantage of our 40nm Stratix IV FPGAs.”

Altera® Stratix IV FPGAs provide high-data rates, increased data processing and best-in-class transceiver bandwidths, all in a power-efficient manner. These capabilities enable Stratix IV FPGAs to address the needs of applications such as network infrastructure, base stations and advanced imaging equipment. Altera and Mentor Graphics have worked closely together to ensure increased productivity and comprehensive design synthesis support for customers using the Precision Synthesis product for Altera Stratix IV FPGAs. Mentor’s Precision support of the Stratix IV devices is now available to customers in beta, with full production at the end of June.

Stratix IV FPGA libraries for Mentor’s Precision synthesis tool can be used to develop characterized libraries for Catapult C Synthesis. This benefits the Altera customer two-fold: the use of standard ANSI C++ to safely create high performance hardware found in wireless and image devices, and the custom accelerated libraries allow these customers to exploit the DSP blocks in the Stratix IV FPGA, enabling a much higher Fmax and improved performance.

“Leveraging 40nm technology, Altera’s new Stratix IV device family delivers a high-density, high-performance solution that should allow FPGAs to make greater penetration in many key markets,” stated Simon Bloch, vice president and general manager, Mentor Graphics design and synthesis division. “We are pleased to continue our commitment to high-performance synthesis solutions for Altera devices to benefit our mutual customers.”

Precision Synthesis: The Centerpiece of Mentor Graphics FPGA Flow
The Precision Synthesis tool forms the centerpiece of the Mentor Graphics FPGA flow — the industry’s most comprehensive vendor-independent solution for FPGA design. It’s the only synthesis tool which offers true push-button, multi-vendor physical synthesis for achieving the best quality of results. With comprehensive language support, including SystemVerilog, advanced ASIC prototyping flow and automatic incremental synthesis, the Precision Synthesis tool is uniquely suited to handle today’s high-end FPGAs. The Precision Synthesis tool features award-winning design analysis capability, allowing designers to cross-probe between multiple views as well as perform interactive static timing “what-if” analyses. The Precision Synthesis tool reduces design iterations, and enables faster, more predictable completion of designs, while delivering high quality of results.

About Mentor Graphics
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