Infiniscale Expands to Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal

Infiniscale SA, the leading Model-based Analog design and Yield optimization company, announced the extension of its sales representation to cover Germany, Austria, Spain and Portugal. The move is part of the company’s worldwide expansion strategy, and strengthens Infiniscale’s sales presence in Europe, a key region for analog and mixed-signals markets.

Massimo Cecchetti, who was previously marketing Infiniscale in Italy, has been appointed as the Sales representative in charge of the expanded territory. Cecchetti has over 20 years experience in the EDA and Semiconductor industry. He was previously involved in non-volatile memory (NVM) technology development at STMicroelectronics, and served as Country Manager for Italy at Avanti, Southern Europe Sales Director at Monterey Design Systems and Worldwide Account Manager for Credence Corporation. Currently, Cecchetti is promoting innovative EDA companies with breakthrough technology across Europe.

“Massimo’s extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge of local European markets will provide Infiniscale with a dedicated sales presence in an area where we foresee great success going forwards with our latest flagship product Lysis,” said François HEDE, Sales and Marketing Director of Infiniscale. “Massimo’s actions in Central and Southern Europe are already effectively complementing IVIS one’s in Japan.”

“Infiniscale’s Model-based Yield and Performance optimization tool suite provides a unique solution to one of the most challenging problems of today’s Analog and Mixed-Signal Design: find the best tradeoff between Yield and Performance in the fastest turnaround time,” added Massimo Cecchetti. “With LYSIS[tm], finally, the DFY (Design For Yield) becomes a reality for all the Analog, Mixed-Signal and MEMS designers.”

About Infiniscale
Infiniscale is a provider of innovative software solutions that address analog design challenges driven by performance, yield and predictable time to market goals for next generation devices. Founded in 2005, the privately held company is headquartered in Grenoble.