Numerical Algorithms Group Unveils NAG Toolbox for MATLAB

Electronics engineers and others needing powerful tools for optimization, modeling, and simulation can now use the NAG Toolbox for MATLAB®, released by the Numerical Algorithms Group. The Toolbox gives users access to more than 1,300 additional math and statistical algorithms within the MATLAB environment. This additional mathematical and statistical functionality was previously unavailable or accessible to MATLAB users only by purchasing multiple toolboxes.

NAG Toolbox for MATLAB provides access to the NAG Library, the largest and most comprehensive collection of mathematical and statistical algorithms available today. The NAG Library is used by many of the world’s most prominent manufacturers, scientists and academies, among others, because of its reputation for quality, flexibility and robustness.

NAG Toolbox for MATLAB - Numerical Algorithms Group

Benefits of using the NAG Toolbox for MATLAB include:

  • Lower cost and convenience of a single cost-effective toolbox that would otherwise require the purchase of two or more separate toolboxes.
  • Access to NAG routines in the integrated and interactive MATLAB environment that makes MATLAB such a popular alternative to C and C++ for application prototyping.
  • Increased productivity-NAG routines have been written by experts and are globally renowned for their quality, flexibility and robustness.

Rob Meyer, CEO of the worldwide Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG), comments, “The NAG Toolbox for MATLAB is designed to help scientific researchers get the breadth of functionality they really need in a single toolbox at a fraction of the cost of the multiple toolboxes otherwise required to get the same functionality. NAG Toolbox for MATLAB also includes a number of algorithms especially important to many research projects that just aren’t found in any other commercially available MATLAB toolbox.”

Pricing for the NAG Toolbox for MATLAB begins at $2,490 for an individual license, with discounts available to existing NAG license holders. It is available for both Microsoft Windows® 32-bit & 64-bit and Linux 32-bit & 64-bit and is compatible with MATLAB versions 2007a, 2007b, and 2008a.

About Numerical Algorithms Group
For over 30 years, the Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) has been the world leader in mathematical, statistical, and data mining technology. NAG’s expertise in compilers, software engineering tools, and visualization brings powerful techniques to the most challenging applications and biggest data sets. NAG components provide speed, accuracy, robustness and thorough documentation to support applications in Java, C/C++, Excel, Fortran, or one of the .NET languages.