Y-Lynx Introduces YLX-TRM8053-025 Wireless Module

Y-Lynx new wireless module YLX-TRM8053-025 is a powerful combination of a full featured ISM band transceiver together with an ultra flexible Communication Controller (LibIC[tm]). The YLX-TRM8053-025-05 is intended for low power wireless sensor networks with an emphasis on battery powered (down to 2.4V) applications where outstanding battery life can be achieved if full use is made of the Communication Controller’s power saving modes. It is most suited for automated meter reading (AMR), home automation, wireless sensor network as well as fleet management.

Y-Lynx YLX-TRM8053-025 Wireless ModuleCompact (56 x 23 x 5), this wireless module is pre-certified to conform to ETSI regulations. Like other members of the family, the YLX-TRM8053-025-05 offers a link budget higher than most competitors, and even under the most demanding conditions, assures a highly reliable radio communication and exceptional range (in excess of several kilometers). The YLX-TRM8053-025-05 transmitter is capable of +14dBm output power at 3.3V and a receive sensitivity down to -114dBm @ 4.8kbps at 0.1% bit error rate.

The embedded communication controller (LibIC[tm]) enables multichannelized operation for the wireless sensor network. The Y-Lynx LibIC just about takes any low level standard data format (UART, RS232, SPI, I2C) and handles packet/unpacket process plus error free communication between several nodes (Masters, Clients, Relays). Valid data is presented to the host in any data format (RS232, USB, TCP/IP) and also in its original form which provides a true wireless link result.

Y-Lynx technology enables a low cost external microcontroller to embed the only end-user application (no RF protocol stack to develop).

About Y-Lynx
Y-Lynx provides embedded radio communication protocol for low power wireless links. Y-Lynx’s solution enables implementation of a reliable link for your application in a very short time to market. Y-Lynx currently provides radio modems with embedded firmware, integrated libraries called LibIC(TM), firmware customization and technical support. Products and services by Y-Lynx include RF design, communication protocol development, and manufacturing, testing and supporting wireless communications for embedded systems. For more information about Y-Lynx’s products call +41 (0)24 423 92 05.