Freescale Announces Symphony DSP56720, DSP56721 Multicore Audio DSPs

Developers and systems designers creating advanced consumer audio products now can leverage the low cost, high performance and board space advantages of Freescale’s Symphony[tm] multicore DSP56720 and DSP56721 digital signal processors (DSP). Designed to meet demand for increased memory and performance in audio applications, the multicore devices support a range of high definition audio standards and enable remarkable audio experiences for end users of car infotainment systems, A/V receivers, professional audio equipment and more.

The Symphony DSP5672x products are designed to eliminate the need for multi-chip solutions by incorporating two 24-bit DSP56300 cores with 48-bit double precision capability, which handle advanced post processing and the latest decoding standards on the same chip. Across the two cores, the chip completes 400 MIPS and has 400-MHz total processing power, enabling the two Symphony multicore DSPs to meet the audio performance requirements of today’s advanced entertainment solutions.

With the demand for high definition video comes the demand for high definition audio. Consumers want to be immersed in the action with a realistic surround sound experience. High definition audio standards such as DTS-HD Master Audio[tm], Dolby® Digital Plus and Dolby® TrueHD are more complex than previous standards and the Symphony DSP56720 and DSP56721 are architected to support these high performance technologies and provide for potential future improvements.

“Dolby is committed to delivering the highest quality surround sound experience through a wide variety of consumer product applications,” said Craig Eggers, senior manager, Consumer Electronics Partner Marketing, Dolby Laboratories. “Dolby Digital Plus complements high definition Blu-ray and broadcast content. Dolby TrueHD, when integrated into Blu-ray disc players, enables audio enthusiasts to experience sound in their homes that is identical to the original studio master. Hardware products that incorporate Freescale’s advanced Symphony DSPs allow consumers to fully enjoy the high definition surround sound experiences provided by these two next-generation audio codecs.”

“High definition audio is leading-edge technology and Freescale has met our exacting quality standards with their implementation of DTS-HD Master Audio[tm] and DTS-HD High Resolution Audio[tm] on the Symphony multicore DSP5672x family,” said David H. Tan, vice president, Product Management and North American Licensing at DTS.

The Symphony DSP56720 and DSP56721 DSPs feature 248K x 24-bit words of integrated memory. The DSP56720 adds an external memory controller to give the option for expanding memory off-chip or to interface to external parallel peripherals. Both DSPs integrate an S/PDIF transceiver and a 10-channel asynchronous sample rate converter that reduces component cost. Additionally, the direct memory access (DMA) controller has been expanded to support up to eight DMA channels per core for higher bandwidth and more processing.

Code compatible with Freescale’s existing 24-bit DSP solutions, the Symphony DSP56720 and DSP56721 DSPs enable customers to migrate quickly and easily to a higher performance solution. Both devices incorporate the same plug-and-play software architecture used in the Freescale DSP563xx family and support not just standard audio decoders but also enable flexibility and customization of post processing algorithms.

The Symphony audio DSP56720 and DSP56721 multicore DSPs are now shipping in volume quantities at a suggested resale price of $11.21 USD for the 144 LQFP package in 10K unit quantities.

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