Renesas Adopts Teradyne J750 Platform for Final Microcontroller Test

Teradyne, Inc. (NYSE: TER) announced Renesas Technology Corp. has standardized their microcontroller final test using the J750 Platform of test systems in Renesas Semiconductor (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Renesas, a joint venture of Hitachi, Ltd. and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation formed in 2003, currently uses the J750 Platform for volume production in China and Japan. The standardization of the J750 Platform will add to a multitude of Teradyne systems the companies have purchased for various test applications since 1973. Renesas will use the J750 Platform to test microcontrollers used in automotive, consumer, communication and industrial applications.

“As microcontroller businesses are a core part of Renesas Technology Corp.’s operations, we would like to expand our share within the Chinese microcontroller market. Test systems must then be included among the types of equipment necessary to expand volume production and guarantee reliability. In that regard, we are now looking to the J750 family of test systems to help us improve mass production efficiency and reduce testing costs,” said Teruaki Ogata, director, president of Renesas Semiconductor (Beijing) Co., Ltd. “Here at Renesas Semiconductor (Beijing) Co., Ltd., I would like our on-site company technicians to be firmly in charge when the deteriorated testers are being replaced. Another benefit, then, is that we are anticipating Teradyne Shanghai will fully support the development of our own technical staff in that area.”

Teradyne extended J750 Platform capabilities last year with a set of “Ex” instrumentation providing expanded test performance that can reduce cost of test up to 30% for next generation microcontrollers. The “Ex” instruments include 200 MHz/550 Mbps digital, a 24 channel high density VI, digital signal source and capture at each pin, and 196 Gbit SCAN. The J750 family provides compatible configurations across the largest fleet of test systems in ATE history.

“Customers like Renesas recognize the lower-cost-of-test advantages of the J750 Platform,” said John Casey, senior vice president, Teradyne, Inc. “With a worldwide installed base of more than 2600 systems, the J750 Platform tests almost half of the world’s microcontrollers used each year. The family of test systems has full compatibility to extend the asset life of the platform while covering critical new devices from 64 to 1024 pins for high efficiency parallel test performance. We’re proud that the world’s leading supplier of microcontrollers is standardizing their test process with the J750 family, the dominant market leader in microcontroller and image sensor test.”

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