Tekmos TK68HC05B6 MCU Replaces Freescale MC68HC05B6 Microcontroller

Tekmos, Inc. a leader in legacy device replacements to extend product life of Microcontrollers, ASICs, Standard Products and FPGAs, has introduced the industries first true pin for pin, code and timing compatible drop in replacement for the MC68HC05B6 as offered by Freescale. The TK68HC05B6 provides 256 bytes of EEPROM, 16 bit timer, two PWM, watch dog timer, 8 channel A/D converter, 24 bit bi-directional I/O lines, on chip oscillator with crystal/ceramic resonator and serial communications capability. The TK68HC05B6 is currently packaged in a 52 PLCC. Other package offerings supported include 64 QFP and custom adapter solutions for the 56 SDIP.

The TK68HC05B6 is designed as a pin-for-pin, code and timing compatible drop in replacement for the original MC68HC05 microcontroller offered by Freescale Semiconductor. Tekmos offers customers the security of a stable product supply now and in the future as specialists in supporting mature products.

Tekmos also plans to introduce several derivative products to replace older Freescale Semiconductor microcontrollers such as the MC68HC705, MC68HC711 and MC68HC11 products as drop in replacements. Bob Abrams, Vice President of Sales and Marketing stated our devices are engineered to be a compatible drop in replacement. This eliminates any need to modify the printed circuit board or existing software code.

Pricing and Availability
The TK68HC05B6 will be sampled in August 2008. The 52 PLCC version is priced at $1.30 in 10,000 pc quantities. There is a mask programming charge of $5000 for each device code. An FPGA based customer evaluation board is available now for customers wishing to verify the Tekmos TK68HC05B6 design in their products.

About Tekmos
Tekmos is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in the development and manufacturing of “Drop in Replacements” of Microcontrollers, ASICs, Standard Parts and FPGAs. The company has significant expertise in transforming devices made in older CMOS processes to newer processes while maintaining true compatibility to the original device in the customer’s application. The engineers at Tekmos have completed thousands of successful projects worldwide.

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