Measurement Computing Releases USB-1616HS-BNC Multifunction DAQ Device

Measurement Computing announced the release of the USB-1616HS-BNC, a new 1 MS/s, 16-bit multifunction USB data acquisition device with 16 BNC differential analog inputs. The USB-1616HS-BNC delivers outstanding performance with synchronous and concurrent voltage input, waveform output, counter input, quadrature encoder input, and digital I/O in one package. Based on Measurement Computing’s popular USB-1616HS series, the USB-1616HS-BNC provides the added security and convenience of BNC connectors.

Measurement Computing USB-1616HS-BNC Multifunction USB Data acquisition DeviceUnique to the USB-1616HS Series is a low-latency, highly deterministic control output mode that operates independently of the PC. In this mode, digital, analog, and timer outputs can respond to analog, digital, and counter inputs as fast as 2 µs; at least 1,000 times faster than other USB DAQ products that rely on the PC for decision making.

The USB-1616HS-BNC offers extensive trigger options, ranging from an analog trigger with 1 µs max latency, to multi-channel triggering, where any combination of analog, digital, and counter input channels can be combined to initiate the trigger. Other trigger modes include digital pattern, level, edge, inside/outside window, and pre- and post-trigger.

USB-1616HS-BNC features:

Analog Inputs via BNC connectors

  • 16 differential analog inputs
  • 16-bit resolution
  • 1 MS/s throughput rate
  • 7 programmable input ranges from ±100 mV to ±10 V, full scale
  • Over-sampling mode, including line-cycle rejection for low-level voltage measurements, even in the presence of AC power line noise

Analog Outputs and Digital I/O via 37-pin DSUB female connector

  • Two 16-bit, 1 MS/s analog outputs
  • 16 digital I/O bits with a 4 MHz sample/update rate
  • 4 counter inputs capable of measuring frequency, period, pulse width, or quadrature encoders up to 20 MS/s
  • 2 timer outputs

All analog inputs, analog outputs, digital I/O and counter/timer I/O can occur synchronously, resulting in precise time correlation among all I/O. Low latency control outputs are capable of responding to inputs in as fast as 2 µs.

The USB-1616HS-BNC ships with an impressive array of software, including TracerDAQ, a full-featured data logging, viewing, and analysis application; Universal Library; UL for LabVIEW®; and InstaCal installation, calibration, and test utility—powerful software solutions for programmers and non-programmers alike.

About Measurement Computing
Measurement Computing is the market leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of low-priced data acquisition hardware, and test and measurement software solutions for both programmers and non-programmers.