Advansus to Demonstrate at ESEC 2008

Advansus, a leading provider of industrial computer design and manufacturing services (DMS), is delighted to demonstrate a variety of industry applications with renowned system partners at ESEC 2008, to be held in Tokyo from May 14-16. Signage customers are sure to be impressed with the HD portrait display combining Cayin’s Linux signage application and the Advansus 852GME barebones computer. Broadwin and Everfocus have also built a 4-channel DVR system with Advansus’ latest Q35 motherboard. Two more demonstrations, including one Q965 3D Gaming platform and one 915GM fanless dual-display POS system will be highlighted, together with our latest motherboards and modular barebones systems.

HD Signage Solution
Visitors will be amazed to see smooth HD graphics and video running over a tiny Intel 852GME barebones computer in a fanless operation. This is thanks to CAYIN’s deployment of web-based SMP-WEBPLUS signage player which harnesses the strength of Linux. SMP-WEBPLUS offers High Definition video and a portrait mode display with a web-based user interface. The application supports the most popular web languages, including HTML, JavaScript, Flash, DHTML, CSS, and RSS, to name a few. The SMP-WEBPLUS system can easily integrate with a wide range of external devices including network facilities, touchscreens and more. The built-in features make SMP-WEBPLUS an extremely efficient platform for interactive digital signage network systems.

Seamless Surveillance System
The Intel Q35 based four-channel DVR solution features full-motion video performance, providing the highest picture quality and seamless system integration by combining Broadwin’s PV-2000E, an application-ready digital video surveillance card with PowerView6000 application software, and Everfocus’ 3-axis IR Dome cameras.

Broadwin, the leading DVR solution provider, offers the H.264 compliant surveillance system using the most advanced digital video compression technologies. The PowerView6000 supports H.264 (MPEG-4 Part 10) with resolutions up to a full D1. Featuring high expansion, flexible integration and a user friendly interface, the surveillance system provides one of the best choices for the highest picture quality, as well as full-motion video suitable for supermarket, ATM, Hotel, Casino and other public occasions.

EverFocus, the leading manufacturer of security products, offers four sets of their EBD240 IR color 3-Axis Dome Cameras for the DVR demonstration. Constructed with 3-axis gimbals, the EBD240 dome camera features easy angle adjustment, a 1/3″ color sensor, 360K (PAL) pixels with a resolution up to 420 TV lines. Using “Pulse Width Modulation” (or PWM), the dome camera is recommended for dimming effects and indoor environments.

Long-life Motherboard & Systems
Being a DMS (design & manufacturing service) provider, Advansus will highlight the industrial solutions at ESEC 2008. We will display a full range of the latest motherboards and modular barebones systems. All products are designed to meet our focused markets, which include gaming, signage, POS, KIOSK, DVR and thin client. As usual, all products are produced in compliance with the Advansus long product life cycle policy, which is complimented by extended technical services.

CAYIN Technology offers a complete portfolio of Digital Signage solutions, including media players, servers, and software, for various commercial applications, such as education, transportation, retail, hospitality, corporate use, and financial and public institutions. CAYIN is dedicated to be the reliable partner to its clients worldwide, and has successfully set up various application references globally. In order to best facilitate the deployment of CAYIN products, the Company also provides tailored services to satisfy the broadening market demand for almost limitless applications.

About BroadWin
BroadWin Technology, Inc., headquartered in San Ramon, California, is the innovative supplier of industrial automation software, with installations worldwide. The company recently introduced WebAccess, the industry’s first fully browser-based software package for human-machine interfaces (HMI), and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA).

About EverFocus
Established in 1995, EverFocus works diligently as a top-tier manufacturer in the security industry by providing quality products and service excellence. EverFocus is now a global company with several branches around the world in order to fulfill various demands of worldwide customers. Their main products include: B/W & color CCD cameras, advanced network cameras, color & B/W video processors, digital video recorders, speed dome cameras, and peripherals and monitors.

About Advansus
Advansus, a leading computer designer and manufacturer, is a joint-venture between Advantech and Pegatron (spun off from ASUS in 2008). Advansus provides industrial computer design and manufacturing services (D&MS) that combine custom design, wide industry expertise, and competitive total cost for OEM/ODM customers. Advansus also delivers a variety of multi-form factor motherboards and modular systems with extended services for product longevity and revision support.