CWAV Announces USBee PacketPresenter Graphical Protocol Decoder

CWAV Inc., a Southern California-based electronics company, announced significant enhancements for its USBee DX Logic Analyzer / Oscilloscope by adding the PacketPresenter[tm] Protocol Decoder to its suite of electronics debugging tools. The PacketPresenter decodes and displays bus traffic that is captured by the USBee DX Logic Analyzer in a graphical, easy to understand packet format. The PacketPresenter packetizes the raw bus data, removes encoding, parses it into fields and displays it in a customizable format, going far beyond simple bus decoders that only output byte values.

Unlike competing protocol decoders that understand only a single protocol, the PacketPresenter is customizable to fit each unique embedded bus protocol using a simple and intuitive configurable PacketPresenter Definition file. The PacketPresenter also gives designers a detailed look into how the packet communications on each embedded bus relates to the actual voltage-versus-time waveforms of the bus signals. Busses that are supported include I2C, SPI, ASYNC, CAN, USB, Parallel, Sync Serial, 1-Wire, I2S, PS2, and SMBus.

“The PacketPresenter is the next step in our goal to get more control and customization into the hands of the engineer where it is needed,” said Tim Harvey, President of CWAV. “With most standard logic analyzers, engineers have been accustomed to counting bits, manually decoding protocols, and parsing embedded bus traffic into usable fields. The PacketPresenter stands poised to make this a burden of the past.”

The PacketPresenter is included as a standard feature of the USBee DX Test Pod and is a free upgrade for existing USBee DX owners. Software for the USBee DX is available online and runs in demonstration mode without a USBee DX Test Pod attached to a PC.

About CWAV
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