Savant End-Point Security Solution Protects Windows XP Embedded OS

Savant Protection, Inc., announced that its award winning Savant end-point security solution fully supports the Microsoft Windows XP Embedded Operating System. This capability allows advanced commercial devices, from ATMs to Point of Sale Systems, to be hardened with the optimum level of security available for a reduced footprint environment.

Savant’s small profile protects embedded systems without adding system overhead from scanning “blacklists” or centralized “whitelist” databases making it the perfect security complement the reduced footprint of Windows XP Embedded. Only Savant has been specifically designed to provide full configuration, control and management of devices across a network.

“Embedded devices are often deployed in high availability environments spanning diverse geographical areas with little or no local IT management support and yet we expect them to run flawlessly for years on end,” said Ken Steinberg, President/CTO and founder of Savant Protection, Inc. “Savant is designed to protect and harden these systems providing uninterrupted service regardless of deployment strategy, management proximity or accessibility by cybercriminals. In the embedded space, we focus on “locked down” security to ensure unencumbered operational performance.”

Savant prevents malicious software from executing by providing unique cryptographic signatures to the approved application set on each system. Unauthorized or unknown applications are denied access to the CPU, making it impossible for malicious code to execute or spread to other Savant-protected systems. Savant returns control over computing resources to the corporation, from simple monitoring, to malware elimination to complete system lockdown. IT professionals can now control which applications are allowed to run on each end-point system, prevent malware from executing or spreading and stop zero day attacks.

About Savant Protection, Inc.
Recently selected by Network World as one of the Top Ten security companies to watch, Savant Protection provides the Final Line of Defense in Cybersecurity. The company’s Savant software is the only solution to provide system lock down, ban the use of unauthorized software as well as eliminate the intrusion and spread of unknown malware threats. By containing viral intrusion and eliminating its spread, the risk of enterprise-wide compromise is averted. Savant ensures an environment supportive of any industry mission by returning direct control of computing assets to the company. Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire, Savant Protection is a privately held company.

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