VirtualLogix Debuts VLX vHA High Availability Virtualization Solution

VirtualLogix(tm), Inc., the Real-Time Virtualization(tm) company, introduced VLX vHA, the industry’s first solution that enables high-availability (HA) assurances for communications equipment utilizing virtualization. Tightly integrated with its award-winning, real-time virtualization solution for network equipment, VLX for Network Infrastructure, VLX vHA increases system availability without the cost and scalability restrictions of traditional solutions. VLX vHA also meets the needs of high-end systems with demanding availability requirements that want to overcome the design challenges presented by new multicore processor-based systems.

Traditional high-availability solutions require significant time and high costs to implement, which has limited their adoption in certain networking applications such as security appliances, traffic switches, and storage and WiFi equipment. VLX vHA enables organizations to leverage virtualization to build higher availability products, get them to market faster while lowering their overall bill of materials cost.

“There are growing requirements to increase the up-time of all types of communications equipment in today’s competitive environment. Yet traditionally, high-availability techniques have been mostly applied in high-end core networks due to complexity and hardware cost,” said Mark Milligan, Vice President of Marketing at VirtualLogix. “Now, VLX vHA enables our customers to take full advantage of high availability combined with virtualization. Built on an open architecture supporting standard Service Availability Forum interfaces, VLX vHA also provides a viable option for organizations looking to utilize their existing high-availability software in the new, virtualized, multicore environment.”

Telecommunications companies have decades of experience designing and delivering high-availability products and software, meeting the demands of high-end systems that can require upwards of 99+ percent availability. With VLX vHA, these organizations can continue leveraging their existing HA software and maintain these availability levels, while also gaining the benefits of virtualization and multicore platforms, including greater flexibility for configuring and managing the machines and their availability levels.

VLX vHA offers advanced fault recovery and system management services across virtual and physical domains, allowing companies to increase the availability of communications equipment and other critical embedded systems. vHA also offers scalability with wide range capabilities from hardware and guest OS management to the restart of applications from a known state. This allows the introduction of the appropriate level of availability based on system requirements. VLX vHA is available as an option with VLX for Network Infrastructure real-time virtualization software.

From core networks to access point devices, VLX for Network Infrastructure virtualizes the processing hardware, making software more efficient. This enables reduced bill of materials, reduced development time and less power consumption. VLX enables customers to easily migrate from single core to multicore processors by allowing commercial or proprietary real-time operating system (RTOS) and Linux operating systems to run simultaneously on the same hardware, without disrupting the behavior of their supported applications.

About VirtualLogix, Inc.
VirtualLogix(tm), Inc. is the global leader in Real-Time Virtualization(tm) technology for connected devices. VirtualLogix is an affiliate member of the Intel® Communications Alliance, a community of communications and embedded developers and solutions providers committed to the development of modular, standards-based solutions on Intel technologies. VirtualLogix VLX enables multiple operating system environments to run concurrently on shared hardware and provides a range of performance, fault tolerance and security options to address specific market requirements. As a result, the world’s largest semiconductor companies, manufacturers, OEMs and carriers are able to reduce development and bill of material costs, improve time to market by leveraging existing software investments, and create conditions that meet their business goals. With more than 20 years of experience developing system software for network infrastructure, digital multimedia and mobile handsets, VirtualLogix is paving the way for the development of next generation connected devices. VirtualLogix, Inc. is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif. with operations worldwide. For more information, call 408.636.2800.