QinetiQ Selects RF Engines for 3D Imaging LIDAR System

RF Engines Ltd (RFEL), the specialists in digital signal processing for FPGA, have recently completed the design and supply of prototype hardware and firmware for a novel QinetiQ 3D imaging LIDAR system. LIDAR is an acronym for Light Detection and Ranging, and is an optical technique for measuring distance, speed, movement and other parameters of a distant object.

The next stage of QinetiQ’s project is likely to see the development of a pre-production system to be used for more extensive field trials.

QinetiQ is a leading international defence and security technology company. QinetiQ develop innovative technology-based solutions and products and provide technology-rich support services for major government organisations, such as the UK MOD and the US DoD and for commercial customers around the world.

As a leading supplier of defence research to the UK Government, QinetiQ have built up significant intellectual capital and expertise. Over 13,500 employees contribute to QinetiQ’s intellectual capital base. The company is known as the people who deliver value from science and technology, creating solutions that address important problems faced by business, government and society.

About RF Engines Ltd
RF Engines Limited (RFEL) is a UK-based electronic systems designer, providing high specification signal processing solutions for FPGAs, as well as receiver and complete product solutions for the homeland security, defence, communications and instrumentation markets. Applications include communications base stations, satellite communications systems, test and measurement instrumentation, and bespoke wideband receivers/transceivers.