MTI Micro Prototypes Embedded Fuel Cell for Handheld GPS Devices

MTI MicroFuel Cells Inc. (“MTI Micro”), the developer of Mobion® off-the-grid portable power solutions and a subsidiary of Mechanical Technology Incorporated (“MTI”) (NASDAQ: MKTY), unveils a new embedded micro fuel cell prototype design for handheld global positioning system (“GPS”) devices at the 10th Annual International Small Fuel Cells Conference in Atlanta. MTI Micro will exhibit a micro fuel cell powered GPS prototype at booth number 101, alongside its full range of functional prototypes for use in handheld electronic devices.

MTI Micro’s new Mobion® powered GPS prototype provides three times as much energy as GPS devices powered by four disposable AA batteries. On a model with a large, full-color screen, this fuel cell design generates up to 60 hours of continuous power and provides weeks instead of days of typical usage.

The new Mobion® powered GPS prototype includes a USB interface, allowing the prototype to also be used as an independent energy source for a variety of purposes, including for recharging mobile phones, digital cameras, portable media players and other handheld electronic devices. The Mobion® powered GPS prototype can be immediately recharged by refilling it with methanol.

“MTI Micro is exploring the integration of our Mobion® platform with GPS devices as part of our strategy to bring micro fuel cell technology to a wide range of portable consumer electronic device market segments,” said Peng Lim, President and CEO of MTI. “Battery life is a key issue with handheld GPS devices, especially as manufacturers add advanced energy-hungry features to new models, such as larger full color screens. Our Mobion® powered GPS prototype will provide handheld GPS users such as hikers and campers, travelers, boaters, pilots and other sports enthusiasts the peace of mind of much longer usage time and will help them do away with the expense, bulk and environmental unfriendliness of conventional batteries.”

MTI Micro’s new embedded micro fuel cell prototype design for GPS devices will be the second prototype unveiled by the company in two months. In February, MTI Micro announced a Mobion® powered camera-grip attachment for digital SLR cameras designed to provide twice as much energy as existing battery pack camera-grips of the same size. MTI Micro is seeking to commercialize its Mobion® direct methanol fuel cell technology to bring the benefits of longer run-time and instantaneous recharging capabilities to consumers, while also providing handheld device manufacturers with a new power supply platform that both enhances performance and creates new opportunities for increased functionality by enabling a wider array of desired features to be incorporated into overall product design.

At the 10th Annual International Small Fuel Cells Conference, MTI Micro will showcase its Mobion® external power charger prototypes, its Mobion® attached power source camera-grip prototype and its embedded Mobion® powered GPS prototype and smartphone concept model.

About MTI MicroFuel Cells
MTI MicroFuel Cells Inc. (“MTI Micro”), a subsidiary of Mechanical Technology, Incorporated (NASDAQ: MKTY), is the developer of Mobion® off-the-grid portable power solutions. MTI Micro has a team of entrepreneurial business executives, researchers and scientists; a proprietary direct methanol micro fuel cell power system and a number of system prototypes demonstrating size reductions and performance improvements; and related intellectual property. MTI Micro has received government funding and developed strategic partnerships to facilitate efforts to achieve commercialization.