Stonestreet One Releases Latest UltraSuite for Windows, WiCenter Basic

Stonestreet One, Inc., the industry leader in WiMedia-based ultrawideband (UWB) and Certified Wireless USB software solutions for PC and embedded systems, announced the latest releases of its UltraSuite® for Windows and WiCenter® Basic for Wireless USB software products, now featuring support for Wireless Host Controller Interface (WHCI) host hardware platforms running with the Microsoft Windows operating system.

These new releases extend the Stonestreet One Wireless USB capabilities of its UltraSuite software to UWB silicon platforms which support the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) WHCI specification, including the new Alereon AL5350 / AL5100 chipset. WHCI-based hardware includes a high speed PCI or PCI Express (PCIe) host bus interface, capable of delivering a significant enhancement to wireless USB performance and throughput.

“We are pleased to be working with Stonestreet One to deliver high performance wireless USB host solutions on our AL5350 PCIe platform,” said Eric Broockman, CEO of Alereon. “The combination of Alereon UWB hardware and Stonestreet One UltraSuite WHCI software enables a whole new level of wireless USB capability for PC manufacturers.”

The WiCenter wireless user software works in conjunction with UltraSuite and provides advanced services for connecting and managing Wireless USB devices and connections including WHCI-based systems, host wire adapters (HWA), device wire adapters (DWA), and native Wireless USB devices. Both UltraSuite and WiCenter Basic for Wireless USB support the Windows XP and Vista operating systems.

“This new UltraSuite and WiCenter WHCI capability expands our robust software solutions for UWB silicon partners and OEM customers alike,” said Richard Smith, president of Stonestreet One. “Stonestreet One continues to lead the industry in delivering new capabilities for Wireless USB as well as other UWB-based protocols.”

UltraSuite is Stonestreet One’s portfolio of software drivers and MAC software that enable WiMedia-based wireless solutions, and includes support for Certified Wireless USB, WiMedia Link Layer Protocol (WLP) and Bluetooth. The UltraSuite product family supports a wide variety of systems from PC’s to embedded devices, mobile phones, peripherals, and consumer electronics equipment.

About Stonestreet One
Stonestreet One is a leading provider of wireless connectivity software products for UWB, Bluetooth, WiFi, and related technologies. The company’s UltraSuite WiMedia-based ultrawideband software, Bluetopia® Bluetooth protocol stack and profiles, and WiCenter wireless management application, are promoted and used by leading chipmakers, distributors, embedded software companies, and OEMs around the world in computing, automotive, biomedical, mobile communications and consumer electronics products. The company is an active member of the USB Implementers Forum, the WiMedia Alliance, and the Bluetooth SIG. Stonestreet One is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky with offices in Carlsbad, California and Taipei, Taiwan.

UltraSuite®, WiCenter®, and Bluetopia® are trademarks of Stonestreet One, Inc.