RMI Releases Axcel PC3104 Network Accelerator Card

RMI Corporation, a leading supplier of multi-core, multi-threaded processors and solutions for communications and consumer applications, announced that it has released its latest product offering – the RMI Axcel PC3104 Network Accelerator Card – an XLS-Based PCIe® platform for IP Networking, VoIP, 3G and broadband applications.

The RMI® Axcel PC3104 is a cost-effective, production ready solution for applications requiring line-speed gigabit network packet processing in a single PCI Express® slot. Leveraging the power of the XLS multi-core, multi-threaded MIPS64® ISA network processor, the card delivers high-performance deep packet inspection, general-purpose processing, Autonomous Security Acceleration Engine technology, and a compression engine. The Axcel PC3104 achieves fast time to market for software-based networking solutions due to its standard PCI Express® form factor, large memory, code compatibility, and high speed connectivity.

Four Gigabit Ethernet ports on the RMI Axcel front panel and two on-board for internal system use provide for redundant external Ethernet connections as well as optional high speed board-to-board interconnect. Optional on-board bypass for the four front panel ports ensures that Ethernet traffic continues to flow in the event of system failure. System memory up to 2 GBytes is provided by a VLP miniDIMM DDR2 socket. Application code and data storage use the optional on-board SD card slot. A Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is optionally fitted for secure applications.

“Bringing the RMI Axcel Network Accelerator Card to the market makes a considerable dent in the time-to-market efforts that our customers in the broadband and wireless markets demand,” said Aseem Parikh, vice president, Communication Processor Solutions, RMI. “By significantly driving the cost lower and by providing an XLS-based platform, Axcel gives RMI a distinct advantage in addressing our customers’ needs and performance requirements.”

Pricing and Availability
The RMI Axcel PC3104 is currently available and pricing starts at $995 in volume.

RMI Axcel – an XLS-Based Communications Solution
The XLS Processor is part of RMI’s portfolio of highly-integrated Communication Processor Solutions products ideally suited for IP networking, VOIP, wireless LAN, 3G Wireless, broadband, storage, routing and switching, security, and other telecommunications applications. The XLS Processor, with its throughput-optimized multi-core, multi-threaded design, enables line-rate packet processing, high level programming, scalability, and intelligent packet management in compact power-density limited applications where real-estate is at a premium. The processor efficiently combines control plane, data plane, and security operations into a single Super System-on-a-Chip (SuperSoC) solution. The XLS family has one or two MIPS64® cores and supports up to eight fine-grained processing threads. Level 2 cache is up to 1MB and the processors run at 1 GHz. Autonomous security and compression processors handle packet data rates of up to 2.5 Gbps. The XLS Processor family is software-compatible with RMI’s high-performance XLR Processor family and is supported by a production-quality boot-loader and BSP, Linux 2.6.21 SDK, and RMI’s RMIOS thin-executable for fast-path applications.

About RMI Corporation
RMI Corporation is a fabless semiconductor company and a leading provider of high performance System-on-a-Chip Processor Solutions for Communication and Media applications. RMI develops highly integrated, feature-rich, Multi-Core Processors with advanced 32 and 64-bit architectures addressing a wide variety of integrated next generation applications for the Infrastructure, Enterprise and Consumer markets. RMI is headquartered in Cupertino, CA with branch and subsidiary operations in Texas, United Kingdom, India, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China.

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