RMI Unveils XLS208 Processor, Office in a Box Solution for SMB Market

RMI Corporation, a leading supplier of multi-core, multi-threaded processors for communications and consumer applications, announced that it has released its newest XLS Processor, a 1 GHz Dual-Core Multi-threaded device accelerating packet-oriented and control plane applications, as well as a comprehensive solution including development board and software development kit for the SMB market. The XLS208 Processor and solution is particularly well suited for SMB applications by including eight parallel processing elements and advanced application acceleration techniques for systems solutions sensitive to cost and power. Designers now have access to leading-edge performance previously available only in very high-end processors.

Built on TSMC’s 90nm LP Process, the XLS208 Processor extends the low cost multi-core multi-threaded XLS ProcessorFamily. The XLS family of processors is pin-compatible and provides the ability to easily combine control plane, data plane and security operations into a single Super System-On-a-Chip (SuperSOC) solution. The XLS208 integrates eight vCPUs (fine-grain H/W processing threads using single-clock, zero overhead, context switching) from two MIPS64® compatible CPU cores with 32KB instruction and 32KB data level-1 caches. Also included are three high speed on-chip interconnects, a 512KB level-2 banked cache, 1Gbps Autonomous Security Acceleration Engine technology, an on-chip memory controller supporting 32/36/72b DDR2 memory allowing low-cost commodity DIMM memories, Quad Gigabit Ethernet MACs with network accelerators, and Quad PCI-Express controllers.

“The release of the XLS208 Processor is a significant step for RMI in extending our leadership in the multi-threaded arena for communications and security applications,” said Lance L. Smith, vice president, Communication Processor Solutions, RMI. “We continue to push our innovative MIPS-Compatible architecture to deliver the utmost in performance and features, and the XLS208 is a great example of that effort.”

LiTE Evaluation Board and Office-in-a-Box Solution
The XLS-Based LiTE Evaluation Board is a comprehensive platform that provides a vehicle for rapid evaluation of the XLS Processor. Additionally, the LiTE Evaluation Board design collateral – including BOM, Schematics and Layout -provides developers with a basis for rapid development of systems tailored to their specific requirements. The XLS-Based LiTE Evaluation Board is populated with the XLS408 or XLS208 processor, both robust performance offerings in the XLS product family. The LiTE board features a convenient reduced form factor and provides key DDR2, Gigabit Ethernet, PCIe®, USB, Flash memory, and diagnostic interfaces.

Key to the LiTE Evaluation Board system is a comprehensive RMI® SDK that contains reference software and a production-ready software kit, including device drivers for open source Linux and other commercial operating systems. The SDK also provides complete tool chains, diagnostics, and the RMI firmware suite. The RMI SDK enables customers to develop or migrate existing software to high-performance, feature-rich solutions with ease.

Target Markets and Applications
The XLS Processor Family accelerates packet-oriented applications essential for security appliances, wireless access points and switches, ATCA and AMC service cards, secured wire-line routers and switches, and telecom media gateways, radio controllers and network signaling products. These vertical segments demand more processor performance and features with each generation of product, but the system power remains fixed. The XLS208 processor advances end-product evolution by providing the performance and features required, while remaining within a low power envelope.

Pricing and Availability
The XLS208 Processor and Office-in-a-Box is currently available. The XLS208 Processor will be priced as low as $40 in volume and the evaluation kit starts at $1495.

RMI’s Thread Processor solutions are multi-core, multi-threaded processors providing a rich set of features and performance to address the wide variety of integrated next generation applications, including integrated security, Web services, virtualized storage, load balancing, server offload and intelligent routing and switching systems. The XLR700 and XLR500 series processors are software and hardware compatible and each processor is available in a variety of power options including standard, low and ultra low power. The XLS Processor family consists of cost-effective devices for embedded communication and networking, SMB and client-oriented solutions. These solutions include integrated security, access points, routers and switch products. Each XLS device within its series is software and hardware compatible, and the XLS 600, 400, and 200 series processors are software compatible.

About RMI Corporation
RMI Corporation is a fabless semiconductor company and a leading provider of high performance System-on-a-Chip Processor Solutions for Communication and Media applications. RMI develops highly integrated, feature-rich, Multi-Core Processors with advanced 32 and 64-bit architectures addressing a wide variety of integrated next generation applications for the Infrastructure, Enterprise and Consumer markets. RMI is headquartered in Cupertino, CA with branch and subsidiary operations in Texas, United Kingdom, India, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China.

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