One RF Showcases Low-power Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solution

One RF Technology, experts in low-power wireless and front-runners of European ZigBee technology, presents it’s low-power wireless temperature monitoring solution at the Hanover Industry Fair in Germany. The solution offers many years of autonomous operating time with a standard lithium AA battery. There are many critical applications that depend on temperature regularity. A reliable solution for monitoring and recording temperature data in industrial applications, as well as in transportation and logistic systems, food, agricultural and medical applications and cold storage systems is therefore required. One RF Technology offers an easy-to-implement wireless temperature monitoring system that can be operated license-free.

The wireless temperature sensing system from One RF Technology consists of a coordinator, one or multiple routers depending on the size of the installation and up to 1000 sensors. The data collected from the sensor network is transmitted to a central unit for monitoring and control. Alarm Signals for deviations from the predefined temperature range can be programmed for extra security and ensure consistent product quality. The system allows the customers to monitor and control the temperature of your refrigerators and cold storages 24h hours daily, automatically and without maintenance.

The One RF Technology wireless temperature monitoring solution is based on the company’s TinyOne radio module and the low-power Mesh networking firmware – M-One Stack. The 868 MHz frequency used facilitates the wireless data transmission through multiple walls within a building, thereby combining long-range with low power consumption. Depending on the data transmission frequency, the solution offers up to 10 years of autonomous battery life with a regular Lithium AA battery.

Demo kits of the 868 MHz low-power wireless temperature monitoring solution start to ship in the end of April. Other frequency solutions are also available on demand.

About One RF Technology
One RF Technology is a high-tech company focused on designing and developing innovative and reliable radio solutions for data transmission systems. The Company offers its customers a wide range of OEM RF modules and radio modems that can be operated in the license free 433 MHz, 868 MHz, 915 MHz and 2.4 GHz ISM frequency bands. Moreover, the company offers a custom RF design service – from concept to manufacturing – to design radio solutions on behalf of its customers. One RF Technology is a member of the ZigBee Alliance and it is currently focusing on developing ZigBee radio solutions.