Infiniscale Joins Organic Electronics Association, Partners with Sofileta

Infiniscale, provider of innovative EDA tools on the analog semiconductor market, joins the Organic Electronics Association (OE-A) and enters in a partnership with Sofileta for development of their printed electronics technology platform. With this move, Infiniscale positions itself as a leading supplier of advanced modeling solutions for the Organic Electronics industry.

Organic Electronics spans an array of technologies based on organic conducting and semi conducting materials, with a wide range of applications and products (such as printed RFID, organic sensors, printed memory devices, organic photovoltaic cells, flexible and thin displays, flexible battery, etc.) Organic Electronics industry is eager to develop new generation products and technologies at a very fast pace. However, getting a full understanding of device physics in organic electronics technologies is not straightforward and can delay technology and product developments by several months. Using Infiniscale generic modeling tool suite, industry players can easily build behavioral models of physical phenomenon, technologies or IC designs, allowing fast sizing with the highest possible yield.

With its unique modeling technology, that actually models phenomena behavior, Infiniscale serves a wide range of applications from technology and process development, to device modeling and design sizing. Infiniscale is partnering with Sofileta, also a member of the OE-A, for the development of their printed technology platform.

“Using Infiniscale as our modeling tool suite will help shrink our development cycle significantly,” says Laurent JAMET – Business development Director at Sofileta. “Being able to model our devices’ behavior versus design and technology parameters is an important factor in our business. Fast prototyping and fast development cycles are key factors to stay on top of the emerging and promising Organic Electronics market. Infiniscale will help us to achieve our business goals.”

“Our R&D efforts are focused on delivering a modeling tool suite that would be considered by the industry as a solution and not just another tool,” commented Dr Firas MOHAMED, CEO and founder of Infiniscale. “We believe that our solution is well suited to help the Organic electronic grow at the fastest possible pace. To achieve this, a model based approach of technology and design challenges will be instrumental.”

About Infiniscale
Infiniscale is a provider of innovative software solutions that do address Analog design challenges performance, yield and predictable time to market for next generation devices. Founded in 2005, the privately held company is headquartered in Grenoble.

About Sofileta
Sofileta is a privately held company headquartered in Bourgoin-Jallieu, France. Sofileta is a leading supplier of technical textiles and smart fabrics. Sofileta is developing advanced printed technology platform in collaboration with the CEA-LITEN Grenoble. Sofileta is member of the Organic Electronics Association (OE-A).