4Blox, AMCC, Tehuti Team on Embedded 10GbE ISCSI Storage Solution

4Blox(tm) Inc., dedicated to improving iSCSI SAN performance, announced that the company is collaborating with Applied Micro Circuits Corp. (AMCC) and Tehuti Networks to demonstrate enhanced iSCSI performance on AMCC PowerPC-based embedded processors. The companies will showcase the iSCSI storage solution with 10GbE connectivity at Interop Las Vegas being held on April 28-May 1 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center – AMCC booth #458.

The demonstration will show the performance gain of 4Blox’s 4Mezzo(tm) software accelerator when applied to a storage appliance, running on the AMCC RAID-accelerated PowerPC 440SPe and using a Tehuti Networks TN7585-D Network Interface Card (NIC) for high-performance 10GbE connectivity. The combination of software and hardware acceleration provides a platform for an iSCSI storage solution ideal for OEMs and ODMs. The demo is the first to showcase an embedded version of the 4Mezzo(tm) software leveraging the DENX Linux operating system.

“This collaborative effort with Tehuti Networks and AMCC marks a new milestone in the storage market showcasing an innovative approach using off the shelf commodity hardware,” said Dan Munro, CEO of 4Blox. “4Blox is pleased to team up with these market innovators and deliver a fully embedded 10GbE iSCSI platform that will benefit OEMs and ODMs by increasing their overall performance.”

4Mezzo – Offering Dramatic Reductions in CPU Utilization
4Mezzo(tm) offers dramatic reductions in CPU utilization without the use of any specialized acceleration hardware. 4Mezzo(tm) provides more than 3X improvement in iSCSI performance relative to CPU utilization on commodity hardware platforms (standard NICs, standard CPUs and standard motherboards), which is particularly important at high network speeds including either multiple single Gigabit Ethernet (1GbE) connections or 10 GbE connections.

According to Blaine Kohl, Vice President of Marketing of Tehuti Networks, “Tehuti Networks’ controller chips and adapters are focused on optimizing value and performance in power- and cost-sensitive applications. This combined solution from Tehuti Networks, 4Blox and AMCC demonstrates a standard, commodity-based iSCSI solution that offers both the required performance and affordability.”

“With this announcement, 4Blox, AMCC and Tehuti Networks illustrate how commodity storage systems and standard Ethernet adapters can be used to build iSCSI Storage Area Networks (SANs) that are built to leverage 10GbE,” said Sam Fuller, Vice President of Marketing at AMCC. “AMCC’s S-series PowerPC processors offer a powerful mix of high bandwidth, design flexibility and robust features that are ideally suited for building low cost storage solutions.”

About AMCC
AMCC provides leadership semiconductor solutions to process, transport, and store digital information for the world’s wired and wireless networks. As a leading supplier of Power Architecture(tm) based processors and with world-class expertise in SONET and Ethernet protocol processing, PHY technology, Storage processors and RAID controllers our products are the foundation of the IP Communications Revolution. AMCC’s 3ware® SAS and SATA RAID controllers deliver cost-effective, high-performance, high-capacity storage for enterprises and consumers worldwide in applications like disk-to-disk backup, near-line storage, network-attached storage (NAS), video, and high-performance computing.

About Tehuti Networks
Tehuti Networks is a leading provider of single-chip and board-level solutions that provide 10 Gigabit Ethernet line rate combined with low CPU utilization and low-power for networking end point applications. These inexpensive, high performance solutions support all major operating systems as well as both hardware and software virtualization schemes.

About 4Blox
4Blox, Inc., is the first software company dedicated to improving iSCSI SAN performance. The company’s family of software-based accelerators reduce the host CPU processing overhead associated with iSCSI. As a result, businesses enable higher connection loads and the ability to take advantage of higher network line speeds like 10GbE.