Molex BradControl I/O Modules Support EtherNet/IP Protocol

Molex Incorporated (NASDAQ:MOLX) and (NASDAQ:MOLXA), announces the addition of EtherNet/IP(tm) to the industrial protocols supported through its Classic 60mm wide family of BradControl(tm) I/O modules. The BradControl family of I/O modules provides a reliable solution for connecting industrial controllers communicating on industrial networks to I/O devices. BradControl Classic 60mm wide I/O modules already support connections to Modbus TCP (UDP) and now support EtherNet/IP.

The module comes in an 8-port 16 channel format with the availability of multiple I/O configurations supporting both PNP and NPN input devices. The I/O module operates as a slave device in the Ethernet control system, gathering signals and data from local field devices. Each BradControl I/O module comes equipped with diagnostic LEDs providing status information on network, power, inputs and outputs. Other features include a built-in 2-port switch for network connections, and a four digit display for addressing and status information. To facilitate input and output device wiring, BradControl Classic 60mm I/O modules support connections using standard threaded M12 connectors or the Ultra-Lock(tm) connection system.

The Ultra-Lock connection system provides an innovative “push-to-lock” mechanism to provide fast, simple and secure connections between the I/O module and the I/O devices. With the Ultra-Lock connection system, performance and reliability are designed right into the connector. The unique radial seal design provides a reliable, operator independent seal each and every time, eliminating the risk of under- or over-tightening. When installers hear and feel the connector click, they can be assured it’s locked in place – with no guesswork required.

BradControl discrete I/O modules are ideally suited for use with material handling equipment and automated assembly machinery. They can be machine mounted and are rated for IP67 harsh environments.

Through its Brad® product line, the company offers a complete line of Ethernet products which empowers the industrial infrastructure including PC & PLC interfaces, switches, gateways, diagnostic tools, I/O simulation software, cordsets, connectors, receptacles, and IP67 on-machine and IP20 in-cabinet I/O modules.

About Molex and the Global Automation and Electrical Products Division
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