Adeneo, Cogent Debut Windows Embedded CE 6 BSP for CSB737 Development Kit

Adeneo and Cogent Computers Inc., both Gold level members of the Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner Program, announced the availability of a Board Support Package (BSP) for Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 6.0 for Cogent CSB737 development kit. The Windows Embedded CE 6.0 BSP released by Adeneo, with integrated drivers for all standard interfaces available on the board, enables application developers to port their Windows Embedded CE-based software onto the CSB737 platform with minimal development effort and risk. Cogent Development kit along with Adeneo BSP is the key starting point for OEMs developing smart Windows Embedded CE-based devices and offers a robust solution for OEM’s needing to have a complete Windows Embedded CE solution up and running under very short development time.

A free binary evaluation version of the BSP is available for free, for testing and demonstration purpose. For OEMs willing to perform in depth evaluation and qualification of Adeneo BSP, a free 20 days evaluation of the source code is available under NDA. Adeneo provides also for commercial design the complete source code through an attractive one-time license, without royalties. Free binary evaluation version of the BSP, and the NDA for 20 days access to source code, can be retrieved on Adeneo website.

Yannick CHAMMING’S, General Manager of Windows Embedded activity at Adeneo, and CEO of Adeneo America says, “As the historical partner of Atmel for Windows Embedded development, and the editor of the Windows Embedded CE reference BSPs for all Atmel ARM9 platforms, the collaboration with Cogent Computers Inc. to release a CE 6.0 BSP for CSB737 System On Module brings a new ready-to-use reliable solution for OEMs developing Windows Embedded CE based products. The combination of Cogent development kits with our reliable reference BSPs and our engineering services such as training, consulting and turnkey developments are keys of success for customers willing to secure their design in the best time to market.”

Michael Kelly, Vice President at Cogent Computers Inc., completes, “The close partnership between Adeneo and Cogent allows us providing our customers the highest quality hardware and software solutions. The best board in the world is nothing more than a paperweight without top quality software. Our CSB737, based on the AT91SAM9263, combined with the Adeneo CE 6.0 BSP is the latest example of this principle and represents our continuing commitment to Microsoft Windows CE and the Atmel ARM family.”

“We are pleased with Adeneo collaboration with Cogent on a Windows Embedded CE 6.0 board support package,” said Dan Javnozon, senior product manager with Windows Embedded at Microsoft Corp. “Windows Embedded CE 6.0 includes a rich set of features that enable OEMs to quickly design innovative and differentiated products with increased functionality and an enhanced customer experience.”

PQOAL compliance for the easiest adaptation to custom designs – With its compliance with Microsoft PQOAL (Production-Quality OEM Adaptation Layer) and PQD (Production Quality Device) specifications, Adeneo BSPs provide a very cost-effective way to develop custom solutions on Atmel Chips under Windows Embedded CE with the minimal redesign. Only the portions of the BSPs handling board features need to be reviewed and redesigned and all code linked to the core CPU can be reused without modifications.

Fully-featured to cover all customer applications – The BSPs includes the drivers for most of the peripherals integrated in CSB737 module, including USB, Display, Audio, Touchscreen, Ethernet, Serial, SDCard, NAND, SPI, I2C, …. This allows targeting all types of custom solutions.

Strong reliability to warrant the best quality – Adeneo BSPs are qualified using the Windows Embedded CE official test kit, and has been designed to take full advantage of the advanced features of the CSB737 module such as Multimedia and Communications performance.

About Adeneo
Adeneo is a leading design center in complete hardware and software custom design with consulting, engineering, equipment and manufacturing capabilities. Adeneo offers a complete line of systems integration services in hardware and software engineering on ARM and x86 core based embedded technologies in various ecosystems including but not limited to; Industrial, Medical, Aeronautics, Enterprise, Military, Mobile and Consumer markets. With a strong emphasis on embedded and/or real-time development technologies and with 10 years of experience in Windows Embedded solutions to include Windows Embedded CE, Windows Mobile and .NET Micro Framework, and thanks to its relationships with industry leading Silicon Vendors and Microsoft, Adeneo is the key industry partner for complete hardware and software designs targeting rich-featured high end products. Its facilities located around the globe in Europe, Asia, and North America brings strong local support to its customers on a worldwide aspect. Adeneo was named “Systems integrator of the year” by Microsoft in 2007.

About Cogent Computers, Inc.
Cogent Computer Systems, Inc., has been designing and manufacturing Single Board Computers (SBC’s) since 1992. Cogent Single Board computers (CSB) are based upon today’s most popular integrated CPU architectures such as ARM and XScale. Our SBC’s are small in size and price, fully featured and easy to use. The CSB7xx series provides a cost effective platform for integration into custom equipment and/or software development. Cogent also provides custom designs solutions as well as manufacturing licenses for our standard off the shelf boards.