Semico Research Creates Field Programmable Computing Array Category

MathStar, Inc. (Nasdaq: MATH), a fabless semiconductor company specializing in high-performance programmable logic, announced that research analyst firm Semico Research Corp. has included the company’s flagship Arrix family of field programmable object array (FPOA) semiconductor devices in a new category of products called field programmable computing arrays (FPCAs). A new Semico report, “The Market for Field Programmable Computing Arrays,” details the FPCA category, which includes MathStar and other early entrants and describes a $1.9 billion market for the category by 2010.

“This breakthrough report highlights some of the large opportunities that MathStar is pursuing where traditional solutions such as field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and digital signal processors (DSPs) do not meet all of the customer requirements,” said Doug Pihl, CEO of MathStar. “MathStar’s Arrix family of FPOAs, with operating speeds up to 1 GHz, are positioned well to win in this exciting, new FPCA space.”

“Semico’s ongoing examination of the semiconductor industry convinces us that a burgeoning new class of programmable logic merits explicit callout,” said Richard Wawrzyniak, senior market analyst, ASIC & SoC, Semico Research Corp. “Like other programmable logic devices, FPCAs are programmable and reconfigurable. However, FPCAs are differentiated from devices such FPGAs by a combination of very high performance, a coarse grained architecture, and a unique approach to interconnecting the computing elements to enable high performance, low cost, and low power consumption. These attributes are fundamental to enabling growth in markets such as broadcast video and wireless networks.”

About MathStar, Inc.
MathStar is a fabless semiconductor company offering best in class, high-performance programmable logic solutions. MathStar’s field programmable object array (FPOA) can process arithmetic and logic operations at 1 gigahertz clock rates, which is up to four times faster than even the most advanced FPGA architectures in many applications. MathStar’s Arrix family of FPOAs are high-performance programmable solutions that enable customers in the machine vision, high-performance video, medical imaging, security & surveillance and military markets to rapidly and cost effectively innovate and differentiate their products. FPOAs are available now and are supported by development tools, an expanding portfolio of IP cores, application notes and technical documentation.

About Semico Research Corp.
Semico Research Corporation is a marketing and consulting research company specializing in all aspects of the semiconductor industry. Manufacturers, vendors, service providers, technology professionals and market specialists, worldwide, utilize Semico’s experienced staff and in-depth research to support critical business, product and technology decisions. Semico’s vision is derived from both a deep technology understanding and comprehensive research, which examines each segment of the supply chain for each market. Regular and ongoing end-user demand and primary research surveys are the foundation of the analysis, enabling Semico to provide insightful market analysis and guidance on future market opportunities. Semico is a strategic partner with leading companies throughout the semiconductor industry, with access to an extensive worldwide electronic network, technology databases and expert personnel. Semico was founded in 1994 by a group of semiconductor industry experts and has offices in Phoenix, California, New York, Japan and Taiwan.