Interphase, 6WIND Team on Integrated Packet Accelerator Products

Interphase, a leader in embedded networking solutions, announced its partnership with 6WIND, a leader in embedded networking software. Initially this integration will be completed on the Interphase iSPAN(tm) 36CA AdvancedMC(tm) and iSPAN(tm) 55CA PCI-X Cavium Networks OCTEON(tm) packet accelerator cards. This partnership will address the company’s customer need for the highest performance multi-core processors in both rack mount server and AdvancedTCA® architectures.

The is a multifaceted partnership that will cover the following strategic and tactical areas:

  • Integration of 6WINDGate(tm) software suites on the Interphase packet accelerator cards
  • Joint development of three extensions to the 6WINDGate(tm) software suites: SIP, SIP to RTP, and GTP-U

“Our customers’ investment in their application software on today’s products will be protected as Interphase extends and enhances its packet accelerator portfolio with new multicore network processors and new capabilities such as 10 Gigabit Ethernet,” said Marc DeVinney, Interphase Vice President of Engineering.

This combined offering will allow customers to decrease time to market for the development of IP-based Next Generation Networks for applications such as:

  • New generation of convergent broadband solutions based on 3G/4G technologies (ASN Gateways, WiMax, WiBro, IMS)
  • High-performance security appliances such as Wireless LAN Gateways, VPN Gateways, and Session Border Controllers
  • Line-rate packet processing with content inspection (deep packet inspection) for solutions such as load balancers, routers, and gateways

This agreement is strategic for both 6WIND and Interphase utilizing the software expertise and modular software infrastructure of 6WIND jointly with the telecom software and hardware expertise of Interphase. The alliance delivers a software platform allowing networking customers the full range of protocol interworking and security from the traditional TDM based networks through IP based network systems. Specifically, Interphase is developing three extensions to the 6WINDGate(tm) software suites: SIP, SIP to RTP, and GTP-U, as part of the company’s packet accelerator solution set of multiple multi-core chip supplier based boards on AdvancedMC and PCI form factors. These solution offerings deliver single and 10 Gigabit Ethernet wire-speed packet processing options in modular packages with a breadth of communication software optimized to meet customers’ most challenging performance and thermal requirements.

6WINDGate(tm) provides a scalable, modular and open software architecture that makes the best use of these powerful hardware solutions based on multi-core processor technology (multi-core management, crypto libraries, Fast Path implementation, Linux scalability) while providing a complete set of network services including IPv4 and IPv6 routing, virtual routing, IPsec, Layer 2 (GRE, VLAN…), NAT & filtering, ROHC and QoS functions for multi-Gbps applications. 6WIND and Interphase plan to implement the joint solution software on Cavium Octeon-based boards for now, and other packet accelerator cards as they are launched from the Interphase portfolio in the future.

“6WIND is pleased to collaborate with a market leader such as Interphase to provide common customers with 6WINDGate(tm), a full-featured, ready to use and customizable networking solution including Fast Path modules, Control Plane and Management Plane optimized for the powerful iSPAN(tm) 36CA AdvancedMC and iSPAN(tm) 55CA PCI-X Packet Accelerators. The Interphase hardware platforms and the joint collaboration of SIP, SIP to RTP, and GTP-U based on our open 6WINDGate(tm) software solutions are essential for our customers to speed development of high performance telecom equipment,” said Eric Carmès, 6WIND CEO.

“Multi-gigabit deep packet inspection and security processing are key applications in the markets that we serve,” said Greg Kalush, CEO of Interphase Corporation. “Interphase has already secured several design wins with major customers for our packet accelerator AdvancedMC and PCI modules. The validation of 6WINDGate(tm) software on these modules enhances our ability to deliver the high performance IP packet processing capabilities our customers need in a powerful, flexible, integrated hardware and software solution.”

6WINDGate(tm) Software Suites
6WINDGate(tm) software suites are embedded Internet Protocol (IP) software platforms for networking and security system vendors to easily build converging multi-services IP gateways meant for SOHO, SME, enterprise and ISP applications. Distributed over Linux, they incorporate the market’s first comprehensive dual-IP Control Plane protocols, Slow Path and Fast Path Data Plane modules for routing, security, QoS, mobility, IPv4-IPv6 transition, device and service management. Using the openness of 6WINDGate(tm) architecture, Interphase and 6WIND will jointly develop and launch three extensions to the 6WINDGate(tm) software suites:

  • SIP – Session Initiation Protocol
  • SIP to RTP – SIP to Real-time Transport Protocol
  • GTP-U – (GPRS Tunneling Protocol, the defining IP protocol of the GPRS core network) for transfer of user data in separated tunnels for each PDP (Packet Data Protocol, e.g. IP, X.25, Frame Relay) utilizing a data structure present on both the SGSN and the GGSN which contains the subscriber’s session information when the subscriber has an active session.

Hardened for SoC and multi-core processors, the 6WINDGate(tm) scalable software suites are validated on x86, IXP4xx, MIPS64 and Intel multi-core processor architectures. All 6WINDGate(tm) software suites comply with IETF, and has successfully demonstrated network-readiness on several off-the-shelf hardware reference designs.

About Interphase Corporation
Interphase Corporation (NASDAQ: INPH) is a leading provider of robust building blocks, highly integrated subsystems and innovative gateway appliances for the converged communications network. Building on a 30-year history of providing advanced I/O solutions for telecom and enterprise applications and addressing the need for high speed connectivity, Interphase has established a key leadership role in delivering next generation AdvancedTCA® (ATCA), MicroTCA(tm) and AdvancedMC(tm) (AMC) solutions to the marketplace. Headquartered in Plano, Texas with sales offices across the globe, Interphase clients include Alcatel-Lucent, Emerson, Ericsson, Fujitsu Ltd., Hewlett Packard, Motorola Inc., Nokia Networks, Nortel Networks Ltd. and Samsung. Interphase is a contributor member of the Scope Alliance and the Communications Platform Trade Association (CP-TA). Interphase is an Affiliate member of the Intel® Embedded and Communications Alliance. The Intel Embedded and Communications Alliance is a member-based program comprised of communications and embedded developers and solution providers. Members are committed to providing a strategic supply of standards-based solutions to the communications and embedded market segments.

About 6WIND
6WIND is the undisputed leader and innovator of embedded networking software for OEM licensing. The company’s software, 6WINDGate(tm), enables equipment and system vendors to significantly cut development time and costs, simplify network application integration and accelerate the go-to-market process of multi-services IP gateways and systems. 6WINDGate(tm) is validated on market leading multi-core platforms and 6WINDGate(tm)-empowered equipment are used worldwide for advanced dual-IP interoperability, integrated network security and wireless broadband by ISP and telecommunication operators, defense and public agencies, and industrial corporations. The company is a spin-out of Thales (HO.FP) with headquarters near Paris, France with a R&D centre in Beijing, China and sales offices in Asia.

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