Ramtron Creates First FM6124 F-RAM Based Event Data Recorder

Ramtron International Corporation (Nasdaq: RMTR), a leading developer and supplier of nonvolatile ferroelectric random access memory (F-RAM) and integrated semiconductor products, has launched the FM6124, the semiconductor industry’s first F-RAM-based Event Data Recorder (EDR). The FM6124 is an integrated event monitoring solution that continuously monitors state changes, stores them in the F-RAM, and alerts the system to the changes. Like a programmable logic controller (PLC), the FM6124 features simple device settings and data retrieval for easy system integration and a shorter design-in cycle.

“The FM6124, our first EDR product and the basis for an evolving specialty product family, uniquely provides digital event monitoring in a single package,” remarks David Lee, Ramtron’s Strategic Marketing Manager. “The device can be customized by Ramtron to monitor inputs other than edge-detected signals. For example, pulse width monitoring of a preset min or max pulse width, as well as frequency monitoring are possible.”

Ramtron FM6124 F-RAM Based Event Data RecorderThe FM6124 is designed for broad industry use in the industrial control, medical, and metering markets. The EDR can perform in a host of applications such as activity/equipment/environmental monitoring; maintenance scheduling; power system management; automotive/industrial automation event recording; vehicle/pedestrian traffic counting; and surveillance systems.

About the FM6124
The FM6124 features 32 Kbytes of F-RAM memory that can be used to store event records. Up to 24 Kbytes of F-RAM can be configured to store event/user data. The on-chip real-time clock (RTC) with calendar enables time stamping of events and can function as a system clock and calendar. The RTC enables further analysis of captured data, which can be used by the system to generate alerts such as an equipment malfunction or a call for maintenance.

The EDR includes 12 digital inputs that can be individually configured to trigger event recording on either a rising or falling edge. The FM6124′s F-RAM memory can store up to 4,000 event records. The device features an I2C interface that sustains communication speeds up to 100kbps. The I2C interface allows for flexible placement of the FM6124 chip away from the host system and closer to the equipment and/or sensors it is monitoring. Up to four FM6124 devices can share the same I2C bus.

Other FM6124 features include a 16-bit battery-backed event counter input; an early power fail monitoring input; and a user-programmable 64-bit serial number. The FM6124 operates from 3.0 to 3.6V over the industrial temperature range (-40 to +85 degrees Celsius) and is available in a 44-pin QFP package.

FM6124 Features

  • Memory size: 32 Kbytes F-RAM for event/user data
  • Power supply: 3.0V – 3.6V
  • Communication Interface: I2C (up to 100kbps)
  • Inputs: 12 digital event inputs
  • Record capture: Up to 4,000 event records
  • Real-time-clock: RTC/calendar to timestamp events
  • Peripherals: Early power-fail warning; 16-bit nonvolatile event counter; programmable 64-bit serial number

Pricing and Availability
Samples of the FM6124 are currently available in a RoHS-compliant 44-pin QFP package, with pricing starting at $7.50 for quantities of 1,000.

About Ramtron
Ramtron International Corporation, headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is a fabless semiconductor company that designs, develops and markets specialised semiconductor memory and integrated semiconductor solutions used in a wide range of product applications and markets worldwide.