Freescale Debuts ColdFire MCF5227x LCD Processor with Touch Controller

Liquid crystal displays (LCDs) with touch-screen interfaces have enhanced the ease of use of countless consumer electronics products. To help accelerate deployment of touch-based control in industrial human-machine interface (HMI) applications, Freescale has introduced ColdFire® LCD microprocessors with an integrated touch-screen controller. The advanced 32-bit devices provide an ideal embedded processing solution for human-controlled commercial and industrial applications that require exceptional performance, integration and design flexibility.

Freescale’s MCF5227x LCD processors are designed for developers who want to add graphical display interfaces with touch-screen support to their commercial and industrial applications – without having to design in numerous discrete controllers and other components. Backed by Freescale’s extensive development ecosystem, the highly integrated devices combine on-chip color LCD and touch-screen controllers to give developers an easy way to enhance their applications with touch-based user interfaces. The devices also offer a suite of connectivity and performance enhancement features that are ideal for multi-function applications.

The MCF5227x devices’ high level of integration helps reduce the cost and complexity of developing a wide range of commercial and industrial operator interfaces. Applications for these processors include building/home automation, HVAC and lighting control systems, fire/security control systems, medical and patient monitoring products, test and measurement equipment, point-of-sale (POS) systems and large appliances (cookers, refrigerators and washing machines).

“Freescale’s feature-rich MCF5227x LCD processors are ideal for embedded developers who want to ‘add touch’ to their commercial and industrial control interfaces,” said Aiden Mitchell, consumer and industrial MCU product manager for Freescale’s Microcontroller Solutions Group. “In addition to integrating touch-screen-based LCD functionality, these ColdFire devices offer outstanding price/performance and versatility, backed by the most comprehensive 32-bit development ecosystem in the embedded industry.

The MCF5227x processors are equipped with an integrated controller area network (CAN) module and a universal serial bus (USB) host, device and On-the-Go (OTG) module. These on-chip connectivity options give developers the flexibility to standardize or upgrade their serial communications. Developers can leverage CAN connectivity to address industrial reliability requirements. USB OTG provides an easy way to input data to or collect data from a system.

To enhance the performance of multi-function systems, the MCF5227x devices feature a flexible external bus and a serial boot flash capability. When combined with the devices’ 128K SRAM block, the boot flash capability makes it easy to store code in the serial flash memory. In addition to enhancing system performance, the 128K SRAM block helps reduce the need for external memory. The external bus also is designed to reduce system cost by enabling a variety of cost-effective external memory configurations, including support for DDR.

MCF5227x processor features

  • V2 ColdFire core delivering up to 153 Dhrystone 2.1 MIPS at 160 MHz
  • Four low-power modes: run, wait, doze, and stop
  • 500uA current draw on internal supply rail (IVDD @ 1.5V) in lowest power stop mode (Stop 3)
  • Enhanced multiply-accumulate (eMAC) module
  • Cross bar switching technology for concurrent, non-blocking accesses
  • 128K dual-ported SRAM
  • SDR/DDR SDRAM controller
  • Integrated LCD controller
  • Touch-screen and ADC controller
  • USB host, device and OTG module
  • FlexCAN module
  • Synchronous serial interface (SSI), I2C module and three UARTs
  • Real-time clock (RTC)
  • Pulse width modulation (PWM) module
  • DMA timers and controllers and two programmable interrupt timers
  • 1.5V core, 1.8V/2.5V/3.3V bus I/O
  • 196-pin BGA and 176-pin QFP package options

Industry-leading ecosystem support
Freescale’s MCF5227x LCD processors are as easy to use as they are flexible. The devices are supported by a comprehensive set of software development tools, including a complimentary Special Edition version of CodeWarrior® Development Studio for ColdFire® Architectures V7.0. The Processor Expert(tm) rapid application design tool is tightly integrated into the CodeWarrior Development Studio, enabling developers to define application functionality and generate tested code in a friendly graphical environment. Additional professional-grade software tools and operating systems for the MCF5227x devices are available through partnerships with world-class suppliers.

Freescale also offers a variety of open-source software tools designed to help MCF5227x customers reduce application development costs. These Linux® OS-based tools include a uCLinux board-support package (BSP) with support for NanoX, an open-source GUI development software solution. The BSP also includes driver support for key peripherals, including USB, touch-screen control and CAN.

To help developers explore the features and capabilities of MCF5227x processors, Freescale offers the M52277EVB evaluation system, a full-featured platform that includes a development board and a 3.5-inch LCD touch panel designed to enable quick evaluation of the devices’ LCD and touch-screen features. The M52277EVB system also includes an interactive DVD with tools, software examples, walk-throughs, lab supplements and other resources to enhance the developer’s “out-of-the-box” experience.

Pricing and availability
MCF5227x processor samples and evaluation boards are available now. The suggested resale price for the MCF5227x devices in 10,000-piece quantities begins at $7.50 (USD). The M52277EVB evaluation system is available for a suggested resale price of $449 (USD).

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