Opal-RT Unveils RT-LAB Orchestra Real-Time Framework for Co-Simulation

Opal-RT Technologies Inc., the leading provider of distributed Real-Time simulation and hardware-in-the-loop testing systems, introduced RT-LAB Orchestra, a Real-Time framework for heterogeneous software co-simulation. Successful Real-Time simulation of complex systems often requires heterogeneous models to be integrated into a single co-simulation environment. These models are often written in different programming languages, or generated by various simulation tools. They may also be developed by different teams, or even by different companies. By facilitating integration and interoperability between disparate co-simulation components, RT-LAB Orchestra enables the engineer to conduct Real-Time co-simulation of virtual vehicles earlier in the design process.

RT-LAB Orchestra is an application-level data communication layer that sits on top of the RT-LAB framework at the heart of Opal-RT’s eDRIVEsim Real-Time Simulator. RT-LAB, Opal-RT’s flagship technology, is the real-time technology that has revolutionized the way model-based design is performed. RT-LAB’s flexibility and scalability allow it to be used in virtually any simulation or control system application, and to add computing-power where and when it is needed.

The RT-LAB Orchestra launch announcement is occurring at SAE 2008 World Congress where Opal-RT is demostrating the capabilities of RT-LAB Orchestra in Booth #1106. SAE 2008 World Congress, America’s largest automotive engineering exposition, is taking place at Cobo Hall in Detroit from April 14th to April 17th.

“A growing number of model-based design tools are being used today by automotive engineers. Combined with the globalized nature of the automotive industry, this means that vehicle components are being designed by different teams using different tools, in locations all over the world. This presents new challenges to engineers who must manage overall vehicle design under tight deadlines and budget constraints,” said Jean Bélanger, President, Opal-RT Technologies Inc. “The availability of RT-LAB Orchestra means that co-simulation components can now be developed and tested by different teams, then integrated to form a cohesive co-simulation system, allowing Real-Time co-simulation of the entire virtual vehicle earlier in the design process, thereby saving precious development time and money.”

RT-LAB Orchestra includes a library of Matlab/Simulink blocks that are inserted into Simulink models that implement co-simulation components. A C-code API is then used by co-simulation components to exchange data within the RT-LAB framework, while configuration requirements are handled through an XML description file. In addition, a wide variety of model types can be supported including C, Simulink, AMEsim, Dymola, Statemate, and Altia.

RT-LAB Orchestra also enables testing of control models and environment models on the same simulator. These can include such control models as engine control, climate control, lighting control, and door lock controls. Environment models can include engine, driver, and powertrain. RT-LAB Orchestra also allows the user to connect or disconnect modules during a simulation, and provides options for compiling of models on multiple targets, saving the user valuable time.

This means that RT-LAB Orchestra enables a platform for virtual simulation of an entire vehicle, while eliminating concerns related to interaction of diverse models. The end result is increased effectiveness of simulation in the design process, decreased time to market and reduction in overall costs.

RT-LAB Orchestra is currently under evaluation by major automakers and Tier-1 suppliers in Europe, where Opal-RT is operating in partnership with the company’s France-based distributor, B2i Automotive Engineering. The product is also available in North America and Japan.

About eDRIVEsim Real-Time Simulator
Launched in mid-2007 by Opal-RT, eDRIVEsim combines Opal-RT’s RT-LAB real-time technology with affordable, high performance multi-core X86 processors and FPGA I/O products, making it the ideal Real-Time platform for designing advanced control systems and performing HIL testing of controllers used in high-speed electric motors, power converters, and hybrid drives. eDRIVEsim also includes support for RTLAB.JMAG(TM), which combines Opal-RT’s RT-LAB real-time simulation technology with JMAG-RT®, part of JRI Solutions’ Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tool suite. This means that all tests can be performed in Real-Time, using high precision finite element models.

About Opal-RT Technologies Inc.
Founded in 1997, Opal-RT is the leading supplier of integrated software and hardware solutions for real-time simulation and hardware-in-the-loop testing of electrical and mechanical systems. Opal-RT’s unique approach integrates parallel, distributed computing with commercial-off-the-shelf technologies. Opal-RT customers perform rapid-prototyping, system integration and hardware-in-the-loop testing of mechatronics, automotive, transportation, spacecraft and aircraft systems as well as electric drives, power electronics and power distribution networks used in all products, industries including utilities. Opal-RT solutions can be found in leading International companies in the automotive, aerospace, energy and power generation industries including AISIN, BMW, Daimler Chrysler, Delphi, DENSO, EADS, Embraer, Ford, GM, Hitachi, Mitsubishi and Toyota.

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