Quatech Rolls Out Airborne Embedded 802.11 Radio for M2M Market

Quatech, Inc., a leader in wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) networking and device connectivity solutions, announced the availability of its new Airborne Embedded 802.11b/g Radio Module at the 2008 Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley. The new Airborne radio module is Quatech’s first product to include an SDIO/SPI host interface, and is the latest addition to the company’s advanced line of radios for reliable and high-performing WiFi networking. The product’s small form factor, interfaces for both SDIO/SPI and Bluetooth, and rigorous security features make the Airborne Embedded 802.11b/g Radio Module ideal for integrating the latest WiFi technology into designs for power sensitive and hand-held devices used in industrial, medical, surveillance, telematics, and mobile enterprise applications.

“The Airborne 802.11b/g Radio Module incorporates the latest advancements in enterprise-class security and low-power embedded Wi-Fi technology,” said Steve Runkel, CEO of Quatech. “Having previously introduced a range of industrial-grade CompactFlash Wi-Fi radio modules, the launch of the Airborne SDIO/SPI 802.11b/g radio enables Quatech to support an even broader range of original equipment manufacturers that are integrating 802.11 wireless functionality into their product lines.”

The new Airborne radio supports the latest media streaming, roaming, power management and security standards. Addressing the increased emphasis placed upon security by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), the low-power radio module provides industrial-grade technology with advanced power management features. The product’s powerful encryption feature supports the latest 802.11i security standards and implements AES, WEP, WPA and WPA2 along with a broad range of EAP supplicants. Quatech’s Airborne Embedded Radio Evaluation and Development Kits include reference drivers for WindowsXP, Vista, WinCE, Windows Mobile and Linux.

The addition of an SDIO/SPI interface radio module expands Quatech’s existing relationships with embedded processing/DSP suppliers, such as Analog Devices, Inc. Working with Analog Devices, Quatech provides connectivity to the family of Blackfin EZ-KIT Lite boards and support for radio drivers already ported to the Blackfin family of processors. “Analog Devices is pleased to work with Quatech to offer easy connectivity that enables system designers to readily integrate Quatech’s 802.11b/g radio module with the Blackfin family of processors through our Blackfin EZ-KIT Lite boards,” said Wayne Meyer, Strategic Marketing Manager, General Purpose DSP, Analog Devices.

Quatech will showcase its entire line of Airborne Embedded 802.11 Radios at the 2008 Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley. Registered delegates can visit Quatech at booth #1327 to learn more about the company’s comprehensive product line and register to win a free Quatech Evaluation and Development Kit. Evaluation Kits and samples for the Airborne Embedded Radio Modules are shipping now.

About Quatech, Inc.
Quatech delivers high performance device networking and connectivity solutions to help companies improve their bottom line results. Its products enable reliable machine-to-machine (M2M) communications via secure 802.11 wireless or traditional wired networks, with industrial grade embedded radios, modules, boards and external device servers, and bridges. For local and mobile connections, Quatech’s serial adapters provide secure connectivity and port expansion via any interface option. Satisfied customers worldwide rely on Quatech’s unique combination of performance and support to improve operations through real-time remote monitoring and control, streamlined systems, and lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). Quatech markets its products through a global network of distributors, resellers, systems integrators and original equipment manufacturers in the transportation, instrumentation and industrial control, homeland security, medical equipment, and logistics markets. Founded in 1983, Quatech is headquartered in Hudson, Ohio. Quatech merged with DPAC Technologies (OTCBB: DPAC) in February 2006.